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Title: Bus would not air up
Post by: sailerman on July 03, 2006, 05:28:47 PM
This is a fallow up to my post  on 26 June that my coach would not air up.
It was two problems 
1.  The air dryer purge valve was leaking all the air that the compressor could supply.
I installed a purge valve kit and replaced the air dryer cartridge while I had it apart.
The inside of the housing had a gray goop with water beads in it. I had to clean out
about half a cup of the goop. 

 I reinstalled all parts of the air dryer and started the bus. The air pressure came up very fast and
 steady with the air pressure cut off releasing at 123lbs.
The front air bags would not fill up but the rear did. What now?
I crawled back under and looked around, I heard air escaping and found a valve assembly next to the front leveling valve either the Williams valve or solenoid valve for the kneeling system missing a plug on the bottom of the valve body. I screwed in a half inch PVC plug that I had for my water system where the missing plug should have been. I restarted the coach and it aired up great, every thing ok, both front and back airbags aired up.

 I have a question to all of you do any of you know if there is anything else that should be in that hole in the valve body I have no clue. I don’t no how long that plug has been missing; it was pretty clean around the threads.
 Thanks to all who shared Ideas and suggestions? This bus board sure was a great help to me in solving this problem.

Title: Re: Bus would not air up
Post by: ChuckMC8 on July 03, 2006, 06:53:06 PM
Ahoy there sailerman, it sounds like your quick release valve is shot. These are available at NAPA.