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Title: Shipping Parts
Post by: jjrbus on July 14, 2006, 05:37:04 PM
 I needed to ship some parts from FL to SC, Ripley wont belive this one!!! I had a 39lb box 50inch by 13 inch by 20 inch.
 I put the #'s in the UPS calculator, comes up $159 not a typo, one hundred and fifty nine dollars for UPS ground 5 day delivery. I need a defibulator (I'm cheep remember?)  I try DHL comes up $20.12 WTF so I try FedEx $20.11???? 
  Obviousely there is something wrong with me or the UPS calculator so I head to beautiful downtown Arcadia Fl to the UPS authorized shipping agent, who is also Western Auto, Radio Shack,and palm reader. I go in to get a price and it was cheaper,  $135.    5 day ground.
 The closest FedEx is in Punta Gorda but heck I gotta try. I know you are  thinking that I am going to FedEx instead of DHL cause they are a penny cheaper, but no they are closer. I go to FedEx I go in, get a price and it is $22.12,  5 day ground with $500 insurance!                                   
 NOw that is 600% less than UPS.
 I hope this helps someone, if you need to ship a part check around.  Jim

Title: Re: Shipping Parts
Post by: belfert on July 14, 2006, 07:20:56 PM
I've been using Fedex Ground recently because it is way closer to home and not as crowded as UPS.  It is also usually a bit cheaper.

I've never seen UPS being that far off from Fedex Ground though.  Fedex might be $22 and UPS will be $28 on the same package.

Brian Elfert

Title: Re: Shipping Parts
Post by: Nick Badame Refrig/ACC on July 14, 2006, 07:28:50 PM

Your quote
UPS authorized shipping agent, who is also Western Auto, Radio Shack,and palm reader.

Reminds me of a town in XXXXXX PA. [I won't say], Where we noticed that most of the busisnesses sold tires. I'm not jokeing...

Nail salon & tires, Convience store & Tires, Garden Nursery & tires, XXXX Family Restraunt & Tires...........on, and on, and on....

It was like everybody must of had an Uncle in the tire Biz.  Or maybe everyone was related...Hummmm....


Title: Re: Shipping Parts
Post by: Barn Owl on July 14, 2006, 10:06:27 PM
Obviously there is a problem with the rate calculator, next time call the 800# and see what they come up with. FL to SC should only take two days via ground. I am partial to UPS; after all, they put food on my table and a bus in my driveway. :)

Title: Re: Shipping Parts
Post by: Ross on July 15, 2006, 05:03:07 AM
FedEx is too far away for me to use, plus they ALWAYS screw up incoming shipments.  My last FedEx next day air took 5 days.  I would have had it quicker via UPS ground.  I don't think they have grasped the concept of "Overnight" yet.  I recently shipped a 62# package from NH to CA via UPS.  Package was about the same dimensions and went OS2 for $57.  I have my issues with UPS, but they seem to be the lesser of the evils.

Title: Re: Shipping Parts
Post by: pvcces on July 15, 2006, 07:39:20 PM
They're pretty hard on us in Ketchikan. They're typically as much as 5 times the post office. And they're often slower.

It really messes with us when eBayers list UPS ground as the only shipping option, because there isn't any here. They tell us second day air only, but when you check the fine print, they are in compliance if they get it to us in 5 days, if it's over a weekend.

The funny part about that whole deal is that during the summertime, when the planes are full, USPS bumps UPS, so the post office is quicker.

We're not too fond of them.

For what it's worth.

Tom Caffrey
Ketchikan, Alaska