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Title: coolant question
Post by: David Anderson on August 02, 2006, 08:14:41 AM
I'm using Fleetcharge antifreeze in my 6v92.  It is SCA precharged.  The instructions on the bottle say not to add SCA's to the antifreeze.  I also have  a Penncool NF 3000 filter which the can says "all the necessary additives". 

Question:   is the Pencool SCA charged also?  If so, wouldn't turning it on increase the possibility of silicate dropout and gelling?  The DD manual recommends the filter to trap any foreign particles floating through the system.  What should I do?
I appreciate some input.


Title: Re: coolant question
Post by: belfert on August 02, 2006, 09:28:58 AM
JD at C&J Bus Repair recommends not using a precharged coolant filter.  You can get plain coolant filters with no charge.

If the SCA level is correct now, I would replace the coolant filter.  They are pretty cheap.  Otherwise, the SCA levels may get two high.  I would buy a box of test strips and test the coolant periodically and add SCA as necessary.

Brian Elfert