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Title: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Brill-o on September 08, 2006, 05:17:24 PM


Most of you know I’m in search of a few elusive trim items for my coach.
I try to follow all leads and research all contacts until exhausting the source or running into a dead end.
My success with the history of my personal coach is what keeps me in the hunt for the parts.

Through a lead which led to another, then another, etc, I was able to get in touch with some folks I believed to have a book that I’d desperately needed-- an ACF-Brill factory manual.

These were (are) a really fine couple that were great to chat with!
I explained my plight and hoped they would have the book.
They did, and gave me this as well:

To be continued….

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Busted Knuckle on September 08, 2006, 05:22:26 PM
Way to go! Keep plugging Brill-o we're all pulling for ya! BK  ;D

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Brill-o on September 08, 2006, 05:29:46 PM


More to come-


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Christyhicks on September 08, 2006, 06:35:13 PM
Oh, Brill, it's ALREADY pretty! ;D  Christy

Title: The Stats’
Post by: Brill-o on September 08, 2006, 06:42:31 PM

Let me formally introduce you to “Penny” 

This- because of where she was built and where I found her (Pa.).

Serial # IC-41A- O53

I’m sure I was just as shocked as some here might have been!

She’s somewhat newer than her older sister being a 52’, and has some things quite different than “Luray”-

She’s already converted, but needs a good cleaning and new carpet, etc and for the most part road-ready. Nestled underneath is a sweet purrin’ Cummins with a 4-speed.
She’s covered in Imron and has all the outside trim bits.
The outside is in good shape, with a couple of dents (and some workable surface rust).
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the shop manual inside (yet).

To answer some incoming queries:

I still plan to continue to work on Luray until she’s done—only stopping for maintenance/repairs on Penny, but with this new addition to the fam’, my direction might change, since I have access to seats and overhead luggage racks, for Luray.

Luray might get put back (or at least close) to her original Touring Coach form- and is not for sale-

Penny will get first treatment since she’s almost ready for tags, then it’s right back on to Luray.

I will update the inside as necessary, but the previous owner redid it all himself with new toilet, stove, beds (8!) etc…
I want to use her asap.

For road-worthiness, she needs a generator (switching to an alt.), fan (bad blade), Rt side wiper, and a possibly a brake job—that’s it.
(It’s being gone over by qualified mechanics at this time-)

The wife (Brill-ette) is behind me 100% on this, and really wants to learn to drive Penny, as well!

She will eventually get a new coat of paint as well- with the scheme being similar to the Greyhound style of the era, since that is what she was and originally from Kansas city.

Her first private owner was the same company that bought my first Brill!
What are the odds of that!

So, now I own both a T/ways and a hound, of similar models!
I could never of dreamed of this!

I attribute my good fortune to honesty, politeness, and mostly the will of God.

So, I’m a lot closer, to some here, since I now have a “newer” coach to compare notes with-

So, with two vintage Brills, do I qualify as a true Busnut now--as opposed to an antique refurbishing rookie?

Thank you for the read-

Ps-for belfert (if he reads this-)
We WILL be going to the beach in her, in Nov—no matter WHAT she looks like, inside.
It’s all about diving the bus, baby!


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Brill-o on September 08, 2006, 06:46:08 PM
Here's further inside-

Sorry for the blur--I was shaking with excitement!


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: gumpy on September 08, 2006, 06:57:58 PM
This is just too cool!

I think it would be awesome to put Luray back to it's original configuration. That would be sweet!!

Keep us posted.  Lots of photos.

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Beatenbo on September 08, 2006, 07:30:12 PM
Some kinda cool!!    Psa 37:4  Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: BusCrazyTom on September 08, 2006, 08:03:38 PM
Hey Brillo, I just love it, man!  :) I'm usually just a quiet newbie (still searching for right shell) that lurks and reads a lot and doesn't say much here yet, but this one just had to get a comment out of me! Rates as the "power of positive energy pays off bigtime" story of the day (maybe year).

Good luck with your twin Brill blessings,

BusCrazyTom the Analog Dinosaur

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: phil4501 on September 08, 2006, 11:13:44 PM
Very Cool...i started the other way, first was the older scenicruiser conversion. Then I bought another for parts to get some trim off it. Then I fell in love with the new bus. Now I am trying to buy a seated coach.

I don't know why people say this is a sickness. I could stop anytime I want...

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: FloridaCliff on September 09, 2006, 05:27:59 AM
What a story!   What a find.... ;D

Now...Who had the biggest smile...YOU when they said you could have it, or THEM when you said you would take it?

Like most things...It depends on your perspective ;)

All I can say is "You must be living right". :P :D


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: tekebird on September 09, 2006, 06:41:44 AM

Where in PA did you find this IC-41.......I may know of another in PA that might be available and is pretty complete as I recall

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Brill-o on September 09, 2006, 08:33:54 AM
Hello again, Friends-

I hope everyone is doing well... (especially belfert-) :)

Thank you for my new coach’s very warm welcome!

I expect to have fun time working on her as well.
I will mostly be re-doing the interior, for starters.


Oh goodness! You have my heart racing again! This would be fantastic!
Please Pm or email me as soon as you have the time, as I’m in desperate need of a manual and some parts. I will definitely go and check out your lead!
I am extremely interested!

Thank you so much! :)

Oh, and I found her through a contact in NH. The owners moved to Fla (planning on coming back up to get her once the generator problem was fixed)

The smiling--I’ll bet was mutual. Since the previous owner was a Brill driver, he had very fond memories of them. He took meticulous care of the ones he drove and has owned a few of them, as well.

He gave me the whole history of “Penny” since she left the ACF plant.
Once he found out I was not just a “re-seller” or someone looking for scrap prices, he was thrilled!
Both he and his wife have been in contact with me for several weeks about it now. (I wasn’t planning to announce it here until things were totally finalized.)

He was extremely happy that someone would be willing to give the old girl a second chance!
I guess I proved my worth-

Both of our families are very happy and totally satisfied with the transaction. We plan to stay in touch and I will be sending him pics with future updates.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my most happiest posting! :)


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: kyle4501 on September 09, 2006, 11:50:52 AM
Brill-o, That is Fantastic. I KNEW you were a bus nut when you got excited about your first Brill! The friends you are making in this hobby are the best people you will ever meet! I have a PD4501 & it amazes me at the quality of friends I have made while persuing part leads for mine.

Please keep us posted.

Phil4501 - In my humble opinion, you're not sick until you decide to stop, but I may be biased  :-\

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Buffalo SpaceShip on September 09, 2006, 10:56:22 PM
Congrats a-plenty, Brill-o! She looks like a sweet ride and I can't think of a more deserving owner of another Brill. Or even another...  :)

Post some more pics when you get the chance. She looks like a creampuff.


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Busted Knuckle on September 11, 2006, 07:14:45 AM
Hey Brill-o COOOOLLLLL! I knew you were a busnut from the start! I have loved "Luray" from the start! And I applaud your decision to keep her as a charter Opps I mean a seated coach! LOL! That is so cool! I hope you have a great time with "Penny" and awesome success with both of them!  I do expect you to keep us posted on both! And when you get "Luray" done perhaps when I get a charter over in your area we can "hook-up" and I an hire you & "Luray" for an authentic history lesson and ride in coaches from the past! (Might be able to set you up with others too! as I think you've got a nice 2 nice pieces of history ! You're in area rich in american history, and now yer rich with american bus history!  Keep up the great work! BK  ;D

Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Len Silva on September 11, 2006, 08:05:19 AM
Just as a curiosity, I wonder what it would take to make these really old busses commercially legal. Might be able to use them in various "old towns) Charleston, St. Augustine, etc. as tour busses.


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Brill-o on September 11, 2006, 09:56:16 AM
Hello again-

Thanks again for all the well-wishes!

BK & Len:
What a generous offer!

As Len pointed out- I’m not too sure what it would take in insurance, titling, a business license, taxes, liabilities, etc…

Not to mention the fuel mileage…

Plus, this would take tens of thousands of dollars to restore her back to her exact original state (as she left the ACF plant)--which I just don’t have.

I like the word “refurbish”-

I can get her up to snuff and keep the original look with out replacing every last piece.

Three museums have shown interest in “Luray”—but want it done “their- way-or-no-way”, or, I should give it to them as a tax write-off, and they will do it themselves.
One has quoted me (if they got her) a minimum starting figure of 16K for the resto’. Another was upset that I wasn’t just going to give it to them as they had a trucking firm which would come a get her right away.
The third said they would display it- but if not in original T/Ways motif, they would only park her outside for advertisement to passing motorists (and at my own risk!).

Suffice to say I’m not having tranpso’ museums squabbling over her…

I really like Penny, as her conversion was going to be the basis of Luray’s plans. Of course, I have no need for two R/V’s.

But I LOVE Luray…
As most here know, I’m not one to spout off about anything until it’s concrete, finalized and/or written in stone-
(Well, in some cases- at least plausible.)

With “Penny” being a full-on conversion already (tanks, outside electric hookup, shower, toilet, beds and stove already installed), she’s destined to remain this way with just updating and maintenance.

Luray—I have some interesting plans for her-

Without putting the cart before the horse- I can say that she will have seats and the over-head baggage rails (located both—originals), but maybe not “all” the seats…

She will still get my designed paint scheme, but the rest (besides the “normal” repairs) will remain low-key until I have something a bit more fitting and presentable for exposing here.

I’m working with a very knowledgeable and respected board member here, on a scheme to help with the repairs and “upgrades”…

Nuff’ said….

I won’t leave anyone in the dark, so I’ll be posting stuff along the way.

Thanks once more for all the interest which has been shown!


Title: Re: Parts hunting surprise-
Post by: Busted Knuckle on September 11, 2006, 10:32:44 AM
Brill-o, again I'm really glad to hear you found "Penny" and I agree with what you sy about "Luray" 100% !

Now my suggestion was merely an occassional incident type suggestion (which I know of loop-hole ways to bypass all the red tape for!) Now as far as making it legal as far as licensing, insuring, and biz license and etc. it wouldn't be difficult at all! But not cost effective, just as fuel costs would not be for a "full time biz adventure of this type!"  However there are ways to get around some things such as setting yerself up as a historical society or museum for antique buses which would exempt you to many issues! As far as licensing and insuring one, the law is cut and dried, if it will pass a DOT inspection ! They can not refuse to license or insure you!  Again the historical society with historical plates is the way to go! Also if you do not "charge" for the services, but as a not for profit historical society "accept a donation in the amount of ____ to cover operating and driver pay expense's only" it is not a commercial vehicle eliminating 99.9% of the red tape BS! And a licensed charter operator I/we would lease the unit & driver for a "historical learning experience" for the necessary above mentioned donation (along with a reasonable owner/driver gratuity) which would allow us to have our insurance cover our passengers (should the unmentionable ever occur) while keeping it all legal and on the up & up ! Just food for thought !

But in the mean time lets concentraight on getting "Penny" usable and you & yers enjoying her before we move on to other possible ventures for you an "Luray"

Good luck, and best wishes to you, Brillette, and little Brillette in your future adventures! BK  ;D