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Title: Extra Radiator Revisited
Post by: edvanland on September 18, 2006, 03:03:19 PM
Well finally had it built and got it installed.  I had a 22" by 24" 4 row radiator cross flow built for my
MCI 7.  I removed the old lines going from the right hand side radiator and put the new one in under that.  I also discovered just about all my old misters were cloged or partailly cloged. I replaced all the old misters, then put in another mister for the new radiator.  I also put a electric fan with shroud on the new radiator.  No I did not disturb the old cooling system.  I ran it up a 6% 7 mile grade with the outside temp right at 100 degrees, I admit I pushid it and it got to 205 degrees.  Was able to make the top at 35 MPH.  Now for the real test. I hooked up the flat bed with my Rubicon, two very large boxes of firewood and a lot of old carpet and took off for Lake Powell.  The carpet was to use on the beach and then throw away.  Well on this climb it was 6 percent and 15 miles long with a few flat spots.  Never got over 200 degrees, most of the time was 190.  I did baby it this time as I was more interested in the top of the hill no matter what speed as long as it did not over heat.  I am pleased to say it worked.  Did not cure the heating problem 100% but it is now viable. 
Thanks to all who responded to my first post.
Total cost for the radiator, fan, plumbing and hoses was $800, plus a few skined knucles, arms, head bumps and other things.
I am pleased and sorry for this long post.
MCI 7 in central Arizona.
Two weeks at Lake Powell with family, friends great weather and a real good time.

Title: Re: Extra Radiator Revisited
Post by: gumpy on September 20, 2006, 04:56:48 AM
While it doesn't sound like it really accomplished much, I don't know what it was doing prior to installing the new radiator. If it's working for you, great.

Did you use a shroud or anything to make sure the fan draws air THROUGH the radiator, rather than AROUND it? 

Can you post some photos of the installation for the rest of us to see?  That would be interesting.

Title: Re: Extra Radiator Revisited
Post by: edvanland on September 20, 2006, 08:30:56 AM
Yes Gumpy the electric fan was a new one with a shroud around it.  Before I was having a hard time climbing the hills without it going to 210 degrees, course pulled over just befor it hit that figure.  I will try to get some picturers of the radiator and then figure out how to put them on here.