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Title: restroom converion
Post by: uemjg on November 11, 2013, 06:18:11 PM
I have a 77 MCI-8 with the factory restroom/sink.  I'm not ready for a full conversion bathroom/shower so I had the idea of adding a water pump and tank to convert the factory restroom to one with running water.

Has anybody done this? details?


Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: RJ on November 11, 2013, 11:39:58 PM
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When you open the transmission access door on the curb side of the coach behind the tag axle, you should see two quick-disconnect fittings in the upper RH corner.  Those Hansen couplers are for filling the existing two tanks - the larger one for the chemical toilet's holding tank, the smaller one for the sink's water supply - which is gravity fed.

The toilet holding tank is right behind the couplers, with the drain mechanism below.  The sink's holding tank is hidden inside the restroom behind the mirror, requiring mirror removal for service/access.

I think you'll find rather quickly that using the revenue service restroom's toilet is a real pain in an RV application.  First of all, it's located on the wrong side of the coach for most dump stations!  Other RV owners are not happy campers if you have to pull in bassackwards to dump.  Secondly, they don't dump with a hose like an RV - it's a straight shot down when you pull the plug, splashing everywhere.

Revenue service restrooms are designed to be dumped frequently, depending on the operation.  (A Greyhound might have it's dumped 4x in 24 hrs on a long-haul schedule, for example.  A charter might only have to be dumped every other day, depending on use.) You'll also need to obtain some commercial coach toilet chemical to dump into the holding tank to control the odor, as the RV stuff is pretty weak, comparatively - but even this can drive you batty if it's not changed frequently.  Passengers normally aren't bothered by this because there's a blower fan that runs constantly to exhaust the fumes whenever the coach master switch is on.  This fan and it's duct work are also hidden behind the mirror, IIRC.

Not trying to burst your bladder here, just relaying some "real world" experience with revenue service coach restrooms in answer to your question.

FWIW & HTH. . .


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Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: scanzel on November 12, 2013, 03:29:50 AM
I used my existing coach toilet and sink for a short time and when parked in an rv park after a few days in the heat even with chemicals it gets pretty nasty unless you have a way to keep the venting blower working all the time. As for dumping you would need to modify the dump outlet to accept a dump hose. If a long one was used you could run it around the back of the coach over to the sewer inlet at the rv site.

Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: Scott & Heather on November 13, 2013, 06:23:24 AM
Fwiw, this was one of the first things we stripped from our coach when we converted it. They are nasty and not at all well thought out. Whoever designed the bathroom and holding tank situation in these buses apparently never used or serviced them. Honestly, in one day you could install a freshwater tank, black/grey combo tank, a toilet, and sink, and pump and have basic running water and poo storage.

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Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: Oregonconversion on November 14, 2013, 10:05:40 AM
I would recommend putting fresh and grey water tanks in the back bay with a sureflow pump. This IMHO would be the best way to do that. Then you could have a lot more water capacity. 

Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: Tony LEE on November 15, 2013, 02:46:01 AM
And since the next question is going to be "Heeeelp! How do I get the washroom out of the bus" the short answer is "with great difficulty, much cursing and lots of skin off the knuckles"

I pondered long and hard trying to find a way to make use of the washroom but in the end it just wasn't worth the trouble.

Title: Re: restroom converion
Post by: sledhead on November 15, 2013, 11:58:09 AM
My son and I tried to save it at first .In the end I used a air chisel and cut down the middle and riped it out . After I decided on the air chisel it only took 2 hrs to remove . Use hearing protection     dave