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Title: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: rv_safetyman on January 04, 2007, 07:41:22 PM
Based on some "testing" on my part, together with some conversations at Bussin' 2007, I have concluded that I need to start looking for a larger capacity air cleaner.  I used the one from the donor truck that my Series 60 engine came out of.  However, it is a cowl induction unit that has some "pressure feed" on the inlet side.

The filter I am using is WIX 46883 (crosses to Donaldson EAF5053).  It is rated at 1250 CFM.  The filter dimensions are 22.5 inches tall and large diameter is 11.6 which tapers to 10.6.  My canister has been modified for a 7 inch inlet and has a standard 6 inch outlet which was reduced on the truck to 5 inches at the air cleaner via a rubber boot.

I donít have my Series 60 application manual with me, so I donít know what DD calls for in terms of required flow capacity.

In any case, I want to find a larger canister with a filter that has at least 30% more flow.  There does not seem to be an aftermarket canister that I can find.  Having said that, I know that they have been offered at FMCA Rallies.

Any suggestions where I can begin to look?

We are traveling from Bussiní 2007 and are currently in Biloxi for a few days.  From here we travel to Houston for a few more days.  I will have time to look for air cleaner canisters/filters while I am in Houston if folks have any suggestions.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: Al Bass on January 04, 2007, 08:00:11 PM
Try Performance sales  1-800-851-5334 www.psfilters.com . I bought my Aero turban muffler from these guys along with an air filter like the K&N (cleanable) and they come with a canister if needed.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: rayshound on January 04, 2007, 09:16:21 PM
     I live about 48 miles south of Houston in Lake Jackson close to Freeport. Come on by if you can. While in Houston on Mc Carty drive off of I-10 to Beaumount, Tx. it is close to Stewart & Steveson and Budwiser beer you can see them both from I-10. Anyways on Mc Carty drive there is one long street with nothing but 18 wheeler junk yards & heavy truck repairs, radiators, frames, welding etc.  You can walk around with your tape measure and look for a size air cleaner you want. Two yards I use the most is Texas truck salvage & Amigo's truck salvage both on Mc Carty.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: luvrbus on January 05, 2007, 02:54:31 AM
Jim i use the eco system it moves alot of air but the draw back is you can not just change the element each time you have to buy the complete unit for a 125.00 bucks at napa maybe a  better price somewhere but haven't found it.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: kyle4501 on January 05, 2007, 06:18:46 AM
Be careful with how the filters are rated, At what pressure drop? What size particle will pass the filter?

I saw an article in the FMCA magazine that talked about diesels & how some diesel engine manufacturers will viod the warranty if K&N filters are used, seems they don't catch enough dirt.

Good luck

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: TomC on January 05, 2007, 08:44:37 AM
I had to upgrade my air cleaner since I turboed my 8V-71N.  Where the original air cleaner was fine with the turbo, I am getting 19" of restriction.  It has a Donaldson 13" diameter with 6" opening on both, went to the Donaldson G132000 that is the same diameter and only 2" longer but with 7" openings and will flow as much as 1600cfm at 10" restriction-which will be good.  But now I'm in the process of enlarging the built in intake stack in the back right corner of the bus.  Essentially, I'm going to have to cut a hole in the stack an install an additional grill for the extra air flow.  Go to the Donaldson web site and check it out.  They also make 11" diameter that will flow the same.  Good Luck, TomC

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: rv_safetyman on January 05, 2007, 09:35:12 AM
Thanks for the great replies so far.

Ray, drop me a note off line and let me know your phone number (jim at rvsafetysystems *dot* com).† I would love to visit you.† Pat will be at a convention and I will have a bit of time to mess around.† Should arrive Houston 1/10 and depart 1/14.

I still have not tested my air intake side of the air cleaner.† Plan to do that on the next leg.† I get a couple of bars on the "tell tail" with a clean filter.† My air intake louvers are bigger than most Eagle 10s (a Houston Metro option), but may not be big enough.

I can go bigger in diameter very easily, but not much longer.

I poked around the Donaldson site quite a bit, but could not find any specifications on size and flow.† All I could find was application specific data.† I will poke around some more.

Al, the reference you give is the old Denny Allison company if I am not mistaken.† He is no longer in business from what I am told.  The site you give is a hodge podge of stuff and does not have the Denny Allison filters that I remember.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: lostagain on January 06, 2007, 07:46:36 AM
I'm installing a turbo on my 4-71 DD and am wondering about my oil bath oil filter. I rented a fan rated at 2000CFM and duct taped it to suck through the filter. 40w oil and 0 C (32 F) outside. It slowed the fan down, but oil was not sucked out of the filter, so it works in that regard. What if I used a lighter grade oil even in summer? Less restriction? What do you guys think about the filtering qualities of the oil bath filter vs dry? I think I'll get a FilterMinder and measure the restriction I get. The manual calls for 20"/H2O max. Should I bother doing all this and start looking for a dry filter housing? Opinions please. Thank you.


Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: lostagain on January 06, 2007, 07:48:49 AM
Sorry, I meant AIR filter in the first sentence.


Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: rv_safetyman on January 06, 2007, 09:36:09 AM
OK guys, I finally got some good information about air cleaners.  It is on the Donaldson site, but I don't think you can find it via their search engine. 

I took Tom's number (Donaldson G13200) and fed it into google (several times) and finally found a great Donaldson document at:  http://donaldson.com/en/catalogs/engine/033620.pdf. 

Once I did that, I see that my filter Wix equivalent of Donaldson EAF5053 has the most flow available in this kind of system.  It is rated at 1200 CFM at 6 inches (water) and 1600 CFM at 10 inches. 

Driving from Arcadia to Biloxi my tattle tale said that I got to about 12 inches (a bit past two lines on the Freightliner gauge).  That was also where it was when I arrived at Arcadia.  Maybe that is normal.  On my next leg, I will drive without the tube that goes from the filter inlet up to the air inlet box.  That will tell me if I have an inlet restriction since I will have a full 7 inch diameter inlet open to the engine compartment with no restriction.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: NJT 5573 on January 07, 2007, 10:26:06 PM
well, you can't hang them outside like a kenworth but I'm going to find a way to get 2 on mine and still suck fresh air. It makes a huge difference on a truck.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: rv_safetyman on January 09, 2007, 04:07:11 PM
Well, as a part of my test program, I took the 7 inch tube that connects the fresh air intake to the air cleaner inlet out of the system and drove a 260 mile leg today (full 7 inch inlet with no restriction).  The tattle tale reads just slightly under two lines which is 10 inches of water head.  The filter is rated for for 1600 CFM at 10 inches of H2O. 

The fact that the reading is almost the same would suggest I am not choked down at the air intake.

Perhaps two lines is normal.  How about you current or former truck drivers who have experience with 400+ HP four stroke engines.  Where was the tattle tale on your truck with a new filter?

If folks tell me this is not normal, the only change I can make is to go from a 5 inch tubing system to 6 inch and then reduce down at the turbo (5 inch intake).

Thanks for any input.

Title: Re: Source for larger air cleaner?
Post by: Stan on January 09, 2007, 05:30:50 PM
rv safetyman: How about an exhaust gas analysis to see if you are getting complete combustion?