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Title: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 22, 2017, 04:42:49 AM
Made it over the Tehachapi Mountains Sunday Night after driving 7 hours and stopping once to eat in the Bus at a rest stop. Stopped for the night and took a dip in the pool for an hour before eating some roll-ups with roast beef and turkey wrapped in a roman leaf with roasted caulifolower, broccoli and carrots on the side, the wife made, at our usual stop Sierra Trails RV park 22.00 a night with "Passport America" Normal price is 45.00. It is at 58 and Highway 14. Becuase of the hot temps we are running about 190 up hills and 170 on the flats but it is 102 to 106 outside in AZ too.

After the light show I went out and changed the Stemco plug and window in the right side front axle because when I pulled the plug to put some hub oil in of course the Plastic window shattered. I always keep a few kits with me. Got that done and refilled aired up and proceeded down 58 to 40 at Barstow to Needles to CA95 Parker where we found the Parker VFW and pulled in. Paid the Bartender 10.00 and we got spot number 1. Backed in very hot 104 and tired 625 miles today. Nothing fancy, a gravel spot, clean and quite.
This morning heading for Quartszite CA95 to fuel up (6.7 MTG with genny running an both air blasting) and dump, then onto to 10 with the wife at the wheel. I can kick back, yes.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 22, 2017, 07:57:36 PM
And today the Tstat went on the genny Kuboda with Koler and every place I called including both of them did't know where I could get the part in Tucson where we were at. Ran in to a local nice RV tech at the local Walmart. We shot the radiator with my heat gun and top was 202 and then bottom was 100. It would run awhile then shut down and I noticed it was dripping coolant from overflow tube. He found the part for us and is coming out to the RV park we are at with it in Willcox AZ in the morning. So we drove from Tucson to Willcox with no AC's in 109 degree weather. Not fun and had to pat down cats with ice to keep them cool. We are plugged in now and everyone is starting to recover.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Jim Eh. on August 23, 2017, 10:30:58 AM
Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark. Of course this would be all true ONLY if there were pictures.... ;)

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: brmax on August 23, 2017, 08:27:03 PM
  Were gonna be thinking a better tomorrow for you all. Although a real pain, nothin you cant handle and besides with meals like that!. Here I was sharping the pencil ready to write that restaurant name, few if any serve that quality.
Sounds like the passport America is a real deal, good tip. thanks
On that kubota, not to hijack your post. I sure had a time with mine getting rid of an air pocket in the coolant, back of the head was suspect area. I recall thinking they should have put a bleeder at the rear corner vs the temp sender. Or better yet put both some how.
Mine simply would run to a high temp ( in my garage ) and i would shut it down before the cut off did. A pesky problem it was. Just couldn't get the air out with out hanging it from the cherry picker  :-\
I finally picked up a new toy to pull a vacuum on the system and fill with coolant never a problem since. Them gadgets have been a blessing on some tough ones in my past.
It sounds like you have a handle on it so better days ahead there to you all.


Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 24, 2017, 09:04:44 PM
Thanks Floyd, Yep today was good. After putting the genny back together with its new Thermostat. I check it this morning and it was a cup down after sitting all night with the cap off to let out any trapped air. I filled it back up and closed the cap. Turned it on and let er run for 2 hours and was perfect. Heated right up after a bit the thermo opened up when it reached 180 and the top of the  rad was 145 and the lower tank was 131 all day. We drove from Willcox through Texas past the boarder crossing getting on 62/180 up the Guadalupe Mountains at 5,695 foot elevation at 17 MPH in 1st gear to 24 in second Automatic and 6v-71. I drove 7 hours and wife drove 2 hours. We got as far as Carlsbad RV park tonight, which also give a 15% Veterans discount. 36.00 . Everything ran great and we stopped at Costco to get Coconut water and got some slices of their Pizza for lunch.
Long day and up early tomorrow. The cats were asleep on the bed all day after the heat the day before. Hope they let us use it tonight. ;D
Had to go through the Boarder inspection station for the first time. federal inspectors came to the toll window and asked, " all people in there American?' We said yep and 3 Cats. He laughed and said ok have a good trip. After I thought he should have asked, about all Us citizens?


Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 25, 2017, 08:14:08 PM
Another fun day. Good nights sleep, met some nice folks in a Class C next to us last night. I got up early and dumped the tanks after showers etc and the wife made a nice breakfast for us in the Bus. Talked to the neighbors and then they were getting ready to go home to Tennessee after the eclipse they went to see in Oregon. As I was finishing up with the tanks and checking the generator I heard them pull out and turned around and their Awning was still out and their sewer cap was dangling from the pipe. I shouted but they kept driving. I called to the wife who had their card to call them which she did and got a hold of them 1 mile down the road. They got it in and secured the cap thanked her and off they went.
We left after airing up and proceeded through NM on 62/180 some more and then to 277 to 277/82 to 44 and are in Wichita Falls Texas tonight at a nice 25 spot city RV park at the Information Center. You take a spot fill out a card and put 17.00 in the envelop and drop it in the box. Pull in to any site you want and hook up. It has 30 Amp with water and a dump on the way out if you need one.

Go straight in to the lane next to the visitor parking because if you go into the lane on the left you will drive out and it is a one way street. You end up going all the way across the freeway and then back to get into it again ( don't ask me how I know this). :'(
Lots of clouds and a little rain but the bad stuff which we could see at a distance was just that at a distance.
very humid tonight but with both airs on it was good.
Life is good.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 27, 2017, 06:50:58 AM
Left Texas at around 10am their time and traveled over 62/180 to fuel up and drove for about 5 hours. We stopped at Valley Rv park to get water and rest. We took a nap for 2 hours and then got on the road again. All running good and McAlester OK has a lot of lake you pass through. Beautiful country. We went up 62 east to 60 north and then got on 44 north and ended up just west of Joplin Missouri at a nice Free truck stop. Missouri has got it down with these big pull in rest stops for trucks and RV's every 50 miles. So today will be continuing up 44 and we are heading for North Webster where there is a boat ride we are taking in Lake MI. did a lot of miles yesterday and will do a lot today. Did have the heat gauge stop yesterday because of a wire that came loose but found it and put on a new end ,reconnected and away we went. Heat gauge works again. The cats are loving life either sleeping or by the windows on the desk and watching the world going by.  ;D

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 27, 2017, 04:47:07 PM
We are in Northern IL. Nice RV park in Elffingham. Good day on the road heading east then North on 40 to 70 IL. Tomorrow we head to Weber and take a Boat ride on the Lake Michigan at 6 pm. They are holding a long parking area for us there at the Parking lot. Then Shipshawana and some Museums the next day up there. ;D

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 28, 2017, 08:04:22 PM
We are boon-docking in the Blue zone( free tonight Mon & Tuesday) at the auction and auction tomorrow. We saw a few of the blinking carts in front of us. got here at 8:30 pm after a great day at the lake. Took a neat little $7.00 Boat ride for 70 minutes in a paddle-wheeler the Historic  Dixie and saw one on those guys on an air board up in the air with water shooting out to keep him up there. Nice Lake at Webster. 
Never been to Indy but is very nice and clean we noticed. Lots of big business there but outskirts are still nice and untouched much like where we live back home. Shipshawana 70 to 31 on to In-5
Up the lake side of Michigan Wednesday to grayling by Saturday and the following week.
Even though I have a few leaks we only used about a 1/2 quart of oil since we left California.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on August 30, 2017, 08:18:04 PM
After going to the Shipsawana veggie market and getting some really nice produce we took off and headed up 31 to cR4 to Elkhart Campground. Nice and clean with a lot of amenities. Good full hookups ,level lots and open for satelite reception if needed. Took the Jeep and went to the town of Elkhart IN and walked the city streets and took pictures of all the neat art work. In the park there was a 30 foot tall American Gothic pitchfork and all. Marilyn Monroe in in a museum with the blown up dress. there were musicians as statue's and artists painting a picture that looked real. These big colored hearts and many other statues. Very neat and modern. came back and cleaned the Jeep so dirty from California to Indy. The bus needs it too but will stop at a truck wash before we get to the rally.
Tomorrow we go to some quilting gardens which are gardens planted to look like quilting patterns, very interesting. and then the Studebaker museum, and up the coast to the Michigan dunes. ;D

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on September 01, 2017, 03:45:38 PM
Today had a nice drive up 31 to IN22 and ended up traveling next to Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake. Went through nice little towns like the smallest little town you never heard of "Frankfort and ended up in Traverse city,MI at the VFW. Probably one of the nicest VFW we have seen across the country. We had a nice dinner there and then retired to the bus for the Night. We will be going to my wifes sister house in Grayling tomorrow for a few days. so far 3,606.8 Miles we have traveled and loving every minute of it. Stayed at the little river casino rv park last night which was very nice and had the breakfast buffet this morning. Ok well the Rv park was good. Food not so good. This park had full hook ups for 36.00 a night and no discounts. Thought it was a little steap for a pull through with the showers and restroom up at casino.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on September 10, 2017, 06:12:32 PM
Heading down from seeing relatives in Harrison MI through Ohio on 475 and then I 75 South and the construction was worse than Sacramento California. Ended up at a nice Ohio State Campground for 38.00 for two nights with PA it was half price full hookups.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on September 15, 2017, 02:41:45 PM
Good day at 4,603.8 miles today and are in West Virginia and went through Marietta Ohio as well as Parksberg WV. Saw the big barges going down the river as well as eating Pulled pork sandwiches for lunch with root beer floats. Life doesn't get better than that.
We are at Bert's Trailer park where he has Trailers for sale as well as working on Motorhomes of all kinds. He has 25 rv spots for 30 a night but takes Passport America for 15.00 a night. Water and electric at site and dump on the way out.

 Was talking to him and he and a friend built a 4106 back in the 70's in WV and the friend and his wife drove it across the country for 10 years. They are gone now and so is the Bus but sounds like he had fun doing it.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on September 19, 2017, 10:16:21 AM
Went into Hillsboro Ohio on 73 last night and had Briscut Slow & low cooked and smoked at a place by the same name. Staying at a state park off 24 after we went to serpents Mount and Hillbilly hotdog in West Virginia yesterday. Hardly any signal here in Ohio but did get some local news last night on Wally hopper dish.
Heading out tomorrow after 3 days here up 73 to 41 into Oaktown IN.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on September 27, 2017, 12:31:56 PM
Well got into Evansville on Friday at 10 Am down 150 then 41. A little confusing that no one knew what we were suppose to do. Only that sometime between 10am and 5pm they were going to come get us and park us. then some guy that never even told us who he was said that at 4 pm they would send someone over to get us. finally at 3PM they told us to air up and they were going to take us over to the rally area which finally happened. We followed Mike "Red Rider" in his 4106 coach and there were about 30 coaches already parked and had been all day?

You heard a lot of genny's running and did all weekend but seemed to be muffled by tower bells and talking among the groups of people looking at coaches and busnuts meeting for the first time and old friends making contact again. We met a lot of Busnuts from midwest and the east coast we had talked to or read on the forums but never met.

Lots of nice looking buses all parked next to each-other being cleaned up and shined. The area was nice and sleep well at night. We as others did ate at Brew and Burgers which had a great tasty menu & reasonable prices. Funny story that the waitstaff wanted to know where we got the "We Love Buses" badge on our hats which were given out with the VIP packages for the dinner. So we asked Stan if we could buy some more from them and hand them out to them. Of course they sold us some and we went over and handed them out and later he went over and handed more out to them all. Great advertising.

Lots of people on saturday and Sunday looking at our Buses and thanking us for coming to their city with them. Very nice Bus tours around the city with the guides pointing out the famous Houses like the one the first Mayor lived in as well as the one Mary George lived in from the INdy 500 fame as well as the country's first Sears store which is no longer there but the building was. They have a nice water front as well as the Bell tower which went off on the hour.

After the rally we spent a night at the Burdett Park rally and met Bob Glines as well as Dinamoe Dave who road with us to show us where the Dump was at the top of the hill. I mean to tell you it was at the TOP of a flippin hill. The bus got down to 14MPH going up it and road it down stabbing the brakes and in 1st gear. Met Joe from Oregon and Paso from Canada Paul from Ohio as well as Dan from Florida. Great guys and glad to meet some more Busnut from the right coast and between.

Yesterday headed out on 64 to 62 to Louisville where we tour the bat factory. Wow what a fun tour that was and to see all the guys i played with in Baseball on the wall and their bat signitures and to know they were pros and i was there reading their names because I wasn't, LOL oh well next life i guess. I did see Dusty baker and told the guy I played against many of his brothers in Carmichal CA league and I struck Dusty out 3 times when we played his team, Ha . My claim to fame.
We then drove down 65 to Shelbyville and are staying until tomorrow at the Lake here nice park for 25.00 a night on the lake that has the airboat guys who go out and go fishing for tournament fishing practice each morning.
Went through the Mega-Caverns which were really cool inside because it was really hot outside and very neat. They going way back in and are old Limestone caverns and now hold a bunch of businesses down there like one that has all the films made in Hollywood and all the originals of them to preserve for history.
The final thing the wife set up was a tour at Churchhill Downs, Wow what a big place, Fun tour and got to see a few of the race horses , a theater in the round where it is all around you as if you are at the race and then they take you outside to see the track the padack and the buried horses that have won the race and then passed and were buried at the park.
 So tomorrow we travel down 65 to other things in Kentucky and then Tennessee. Where we will be staying for free drycamping at another attraction.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 01, 2017, 01:30:22 PM
We are in Tennessee. Lawrenceburg at a state park. We drove from Nashville down the Trace Nachese (spelling) road. what a beautiful and relaxing drive. lawns all along mowed and just neat scenery. We were going to stay in a camping parking lot tucked back in the trees but no one else around and no lights. we kept hearing a banjo playing if you know what I mean. The wife said there is a state park in Lawrenceburg 35miles ahead. and we were there by 8pm. gate was closed so we called the local Sheriff and he sent the Ranger to open the gate for us and gave us a nice back in on the river. We are at 5683.2 miles now . tomorrow Sunday we head to Alabama. In Tennessee we went to the Corvette museum where I saw my 62 hard top but mine had the front end missing when last I stepped out of it. Some really nice 65 to 67 Rays no others are worth my time in my opinion lol.
Went to Dinosaur World. unless you have young kids or grand-kids with you not worth the time. Am loving seeing our country.
At the State park they had a great Restaurant on the property and we had a pulled Pork dinner there with chicken Hatchets and ribs. lots of Veggies and blueberry pie and ice-cream for dessert.
Left Sunday morning and headed down 64 East then South to Alabama, Huntsville and are staying just outside of it with full hookups for 2 days. Will be doing some stuff there tomorrow but today is relax day.  ;D                                                                                                                                                               

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 03, 2017, 06:12:53 AM
Yesterday we drove the Jeep to Huntsville Alabama and toured the town. The art community has a color walk where you follow painted color spots around town to artists painted Murals on the walls of the town. We went to Lewter's Hardware store. The oldest Hardware store in Alabama Day 44. It had everything you can imagine. Yes even more than the Depot and old things you can't find anymore. We headed off after looking through an old general store that had Saltwater Taffy in every flavor imaginable.
We left there and drove to the Botanical Gardens just down the street. Was very large and we had to walk a long way between exhibits which is good for us after eating the Saltwater Taffy,LOL. there were herb, Veggies , trees and flower gardens as well as a very nice Restaurant and really neat wind art by a sculptor who was also an engineer. They were all silver big light weight and looked like wind flowing or water moving etc. Some turned and looked like everything was turning but when you looked at it closely there were only two things that went around in a circle and nothing else turned.
We then drove to Scottsboro and toured the unclaimed baggage facility where all the things you may have left on your plane flight ends up here after this company buys it and tries to resell it. It was interesting but they were also very proud of what they had which we thought looked like old things at a very high price. Lots of clothes and cameras, shoes of which I did buy a brand new pair of white Nike's for 40.00 over 100.00 in the stores. score.
The Kids are exhausted and slept the whole time we were gone which is good. Most of the time they are up all night playing cards and getting drunk on Tuna fish. Gotta go for now.
Pickup a bottle of Propane on the way back to the Bus for 23.00 15 lbs in a 20 lb bottle. About average. Have gone through 2 bottles so far. We carry 3 on board. Mostly for refrigerator stove and water heater.  

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Road Dawg on October 03, 2017, 08:10:43 AM
youre comments are very enteresting.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 04, 2017, 07:39:24 PM
So last night we were in a thousand Trails RV park in Saulsbury, Tennessee. And boy howdy to describe it as rustic would be giving it an over the top compliment. We get there and no one was at the gate, yes it had a gate and a little guard shack. called the number and 5 minutes a lady came up n a golf cart. Said were we members and we said no so she tells us it wold be an extra 4.00 added to the 27.00 a night. We said we wanted full hookup and 30 or 50 amp for 1 night. She took the wife around in the cart and showed her a few spots. other than about 20 other trailers there was no one there in the other 45 spots including on the lake they had which was covered in algae.
so we picked 1 of the two pull throughs they had. I checked the electric and ours had 4.59 on the meter AC. so no one was in the other and I checked it and it read 122. so I plugged into it and wife turned on the Air. It ran for about 5 minutes and shut off. I checked the box outside again after turning everything off and pulling the plug from our coach. Now it reads from 85 to 137 volts ac. We unhooked the toed and went looking with meter in hand. We found no 50 Amp plugs as she said and had marked on the map. All were 30 Amp and marginal at that. We found two we could get into  and that both the electric and the water worked. Looked like there had been no maintenance in the park for years there were huge spiders in almost every box we opened. There were weeds in and around all lots and rv's. So we went to sleep at about 7pm with no phone signals so no internet and our dish could not pickup anything. We go up at 4:30 am and hook the jeep back up aired up and were out of there after we had breakfast.

Today we ended up in Memphis, Tennessee.  We took a tour a Gibson Guitar factory, Oh my god I was drooling at how many I wanted until I saw the price. Watched them make a couple of the 335's and saw and held Lucile, BB Kings baby. OK it was one of his extra ones. Saw the real one and it is in a Lexan case in the museum next door. The Lacquer finishes on these look wet. some guy a his Grandfather came in and bought a beautiful Bluish green one for his Grandson who was playing it and was pretty good for 12 years old. The guitar had a tag on it for 6,500.00. Some peoples kids ya know?

The tour was a good one and only 10.00 for a complete 1hour and a half seeing the process but no pictures were allowed. All of them are numbered and cataloged. They take a week to complete with glue drying time and assembly. They cut out 60 guitars in a day all the parts to be sanded and put together. This factory does just electric semi hollow body and hollow body box type.

We then took another good tour of the Museum of Rock 'N' Soul. Wow from a movie of the share cropers and how soul and then Rock got started to Elvis making it all come together as the Radio and then TV pick it up and how people started taking over the business and all the Naysayers who finally wanted in on it too. Elvis's White suit was there. Its funny because we love the Blue's and Rock but never been a big fan of Elvis but there was a lot of him there.
We walked the Famous Beal Street and saw all the bars and music houses as well as the walk of Fame. Jerry Lee Lewis on the side of one of the original coffee houses as well as "Wet Willies"
We then cross the Mississippi River for my first time and on ward we went or 64 West.
We are in a 15.00 a night Rv park very nice in Kensett, AR tonight. clean and easy to get into with our 57 feet of bus and toed. and our 15th new state just outside Blythville,AR which we will go through tomorrow.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 04, 2017, 07:45:16 PM
I got to give Kudos to Nick and Terry Russel for writing their books on travel, VFW RV parking, Free campgrounds and overnight parking places as well as their Fairgrounds book, RV dump station book and WIFI campground guide.
They write a Blog " The Gypsy Journal" which is really great Information.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: windtrader on October 05, 2017, 08:58:30 PM
Quite a journey Dave. How much longer you going to be on the road? It seems you are staying with hook ups most of the time. How many nights have you boondocked? Any BLM or other public lands?

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 06, 2017, 05:42:40 PM
Day 48
Don we use BLM when in Arizona sometimes near Quartszite area. We stayed at some rest areas in Michigan, We are in Oklahoma tonight at a rest area until the morning. Have stayed  2 weeks at Wife's sister's Driveway (big & Long) and got the front AC hit by lightning and had to rewire it temp to use on the road because of the 3 Kids. Maybe used 9 RV parks avg 15.00 a night If adding all including free nights it maybe cost us 5.00 a night over all the time we were out there. In one  last nigh in Eureka springs, Arkansas. up hyw 12 and 62. That was a slow long pull and lots of twists and turns. When we got there about 6pm yesterday there was a Biker get together and a 26 Annual Corvette National USA club Jamboree. And some were caught behind the old Bus coming up the hill. LOL Some pretty nice cars there. We left this morning after touring the artist community and the neat little houses on a loop back to the springs.

We left going back on Hyw 23 to 127 back to 12 and into Bentonville AR. We took a tour of the Crystal Bridges Museum. All kinds of Blown Glass outside in a forest and ponds with huge glass balls floating and long 10 pieces of glass like spears sticking up with a 1000 pieces. some were drilled into fallen logs. The building itself was Frank Loyd Wright esk. With sculptures and water features everywhere. We parked the Bus with the toad in their parking lot next to 30 school Buses took an electric tram to the building and the grounds were filled with walking paths to see things as well as paintings inside by Artist Stuart Davis. Very old 1800.
We were going to go to the Walmart Museum but by the time we got there it was closing. Also the Native indian Museum was closed and could not fit in their parking lot anyway.
Tomorrow we are stopping and taking Boxcar Okie and his lovely wife out to eat and stay the night at their place in Oklahoma.

Then back on 40 to NM to see some stuff. Arizona to see Clifford and Sonya overnight and start that part of the trip back home stayin in Mohave CA and maybe one more stop. Should be home in a week or so.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 09, 2017, 05:59:14 AM
Stopped at Boxcar's house for the night and what an interesting area that is. He showed us the video of the tornado that hit there and killed 3 storm chaser. there is a memorial on a dirt road where they were when it happened. The tornado was 4 miles wide and took out part of one of 3 metal shops he has on his property. A good thing it didn't hit the one that his Hoopy is in. He and his lovely wife took us to dinner at a really nice Asian Buffet and way over ate but hey what the heck on Vacation. The area  has many Fracking machines and what a mess they are making of the land around there.
We left there and headed down the road I-40 west to the Route 66 Museum which was really neat. We part our bus in front of the Oklahoma Highway patrol office. We asked one of the Officers there if it was Ok and she said no problem enjoy.
They had a long video on the road being built as well as a lot of the impliments used to build it. A few car 50 Ford and 57 chevy as well as pictures of People going down the road and over bridges etc. They did it with each room being a different era until it demise and how some just refuse to let it die.
We got back on the road and continued on down 40 west and found the RV park that we were supposed to be at with a spot. The guy drove up and apoligized and said for some reason it was very busy and all the spots were taken but if we wanted to fill up on water and dump it would be free and we could stay at the back of the property and run the genny no charge.
We decided to go a little further to get out of the windy area.
so we hooked up with 27 south and drove to Texas and stopped at exit 27 Rest stop where we spent the night. Nice and clean not to many trucks and right off of 27 south. hope to get through Texas today and into Dam still in Texas.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 09, 2017, 06:11:12 PM
Today day 51
We got back on 27 today and much cooler out side. Had to tighten a few hoses that were little leaks. Took care of that and then caught 386 west for awhile then headed down the road to a few rest stops and had Lunch and then through a lot of construction in Texas Lubbock. Ended up in Andrews Texas and stopped at a RV park there. Had food at a great little Mexican food place across the street. There were two Greyhound models on a shelf MC 9 and an MC7 challenger. John Madden stopped there a lot in his Bus when he was going to Texas Games and would give them all kinds of stuff to hang up. Other than that not much here except the stinky smell of Raw oil that make your stomach turn. Lots of fracking going on here.

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: Dave5Cs on October 13, 2017, 08:04:37 PM
Finally Miles was 8,874. 19 states. total oil used was just under 1 gallon, 2 gallons of window cleaner. Man does Ohio, Indy, California and Tennessee have some big bugs. Got hit with bats in West Virginia. At night they were flying in to the top of the windshield and the front cap. Loud and hard. No damage though. You could see them right before they hit. Diesel was 2.49 to 3.01 Avg was about 2.69.
avg 6MPG pulling the Jeep wrangler. Only had to unhook it once in a station I thought i had room but I would have taken out their Mailbox I didn't see.
Some new oil leaks but not bad. Lowest speed 12MPH in 1st and highest 72MPH on the flat on I-5 CA.
Went through 5, 5gallon water bottles of Ranch water from home plus 3 large cases of bottled water. We are not used to the Humidity. Most fun was Memphis, Rock and Blues, Gibson Guitar factory, Corvette Museum in Bolling Green Kentucky.

Home now and tired and will relax for at least two days. The End

Title: Re: On to MI and Evansville
Post by: dtcerrato on October 23, 2017, 04:46:24 PM
Dave it was great meeting you at the Evansville rally. Awesome meeting a fellow bus nut & CA carpenter! Hopefully we'll cross paths again. Safe travels.