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Title: Bus Interior FLoor Plans
Post by: BJW on May 12, 2006, 09:52:46 AM
Hey Guys,

The picture topic is a great thing because we've seen a lot of great pictures of members buses.  I realize that people probably don't have as many interior pictures, but thought maybe we could have a topic that was specific to interiors and interior floor plans ideas.   Would there be any interest in this?  I think it would be great to see what others have done on the inside, even if thier interiors are not yet finished.  My interior is not done yet, but I am following a floor plan design that I developed to stay on track.  What do you guys think???? 

Title: Re: Bus Interior FLoor Plans
Post by: H3Jim on May 12, 2006, 10:09:35 AM
Good idea, although I don't have my floorplan sketched out.  I'd have to find some software probably that could  help with it.  Just pictures are too difficult to tell how its laid out.

Title: Re: Bus Interior FLoor Plans
Post by: FloridaCliff on May 12, 2006, 11:31:28 AM
Sounds like a good idea!

I know going to rally's has helped me in my planning and not everyone can get to these.

Having some layouts would be nice to compare and see where others have managed to squeeze in more space


Title: Re: Bus Interior FLoor Plans
Post by: BJW on May 12, 2006, 01:04:07 PM
Here's a copy of my floor plan to get things started.  The exterior sides depicted were an old drawing that I generated when I first got Gus, and it has changed drastically since (as you can maybe tell in the pictures I posted on the other thread.  However, the floor plan has pretty much stayed the same.  The only differences are the frig is a side by side versed the originally intended single door frig and the dinette is a telescoping wide 2 person or narrow 3 person wide seat design when the slide is open and a wide 1 person or narrow two person wide dinette when it's closed.  I hope this helps. 

Title: Re: Bus Interior Floor Plans
Post by: Sojourner on May 12, 2006, 01:56:29 PM
I have using DesignCad 3D Max since it started in mid 1970s...use to be call ProDesign.

Costing much less than AutoCad. I am very please with it. I have AutoCad at work before retired.

Here an old drawing plan of Sojourner...still may change some whenever it ready to inside work.

Has two slide out....not shown bed being out in drawing.

Side view is new tubular framing widen to 8.5 ft, raise 8.5 inch, rear extended 30" and front extended 8" so door opening is 36" wide


Sojourn for Christ, Jerry

Title: Re: Bus Interior FLoor Plans
Post by: Nick Badame Refrig/ACC on May 12, 2006, 03:21:10 PM
Hay Guy's,

Why don't you go ahead and add interior pics to your

Post your Bus Pics Here topic  under the same post of your bus!

I think we can lift the limit from 3 to 5