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Title: how do I bleed h2o ststem?
Post by: ttomas on October 03, 2007, 02:43:29 PM
I got the block heater today. After I install it, how do I properly bleed the air out of the water system?  Thanks  Tomas

Title: Re: how do I bleed h2o ststem?
Post by: NJT5047 on October 03, 2007, 05:10:40 PM
Fill up the system with coolant.  Look between the two thermostat housings at the crossover pipe and you'll see a bleeder valve.  Open the valve and allow air to escape.   Fire it up, circulate the water and check it again.  Be sure solid water comes out.
Not sure what bus you have, but any hoses or fittings that are in high places and loop back down can be bled by loosening hose clamps.  I wouldn't loosen hose clamps on a hot engine...hose may pop off.   If you drained the whole coach, be sure to bleed the heater cores.  They usually have bleeders on the top of the cores. 
An MCI will self bleed the radiators.   Be sure and recheck the water levels when finished. 
Low water may shut you down on the the proverbial railroad tracks.  Be sure to check for leaks where you removed the plate.   
Constant torque clamps are preferred for trouble free winter operation. 
Sorry, but I cannot advise of any special procedures that may be necessary for Eagle, Prevost, or GM.
Best, JR