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 on: Today at 06:48:52 PM 
Started by Brian Diehl - Last post by krank
How about the Scotseal CR40091.  This is a direct fit for the CR40086.  The 40091 is Scotseal plus XL.  This appears to be very similar to the triseal.  I was unable to find a cross match for the triseal to fit the hub.  The instructions also say to prelubricate the seal before installation into the hub and on to the spindle.   The installation instructions say this can be installed by hand.  The instructions also say it should be able to handle very minor deformities in the spindle or hub.  That might be the solution for my problem?

Thoughts?  Anyone used one of these? 

Not that particular seal # but I have been installing nothing but CR +XLs for better than 10 years. Two failures, one was explainable so one unexplained. I will not even install a Stemco unless a customer signs a waiver. Just make sure you "wet" them with gear oil just prior to installation. They swell with the gear oil to conform to many irregularities in both the spindle seal journal and the hub bore.
BTW the steel case CR (non Scotseal) can sit on the shelf along with the Stemco and National seals as far as I am concerned.
Carefully check the seal journal on the spindle or axle stubs for signs of some poor misguided rookie using a chisel to remove a Stemco wear ring. Some light filing may be needed if there is a line from a chisel.

 on: Today at 06:29:36 PM 
Started by Brian Diehl - Last post by krank
Good Lord ... and I thought our limit of 3/8" was way out of line!

 on: Today at 05:35:44 PM 
Started by moosemanusa - Last post by stevet903
If the CEL/SEL does not come on when the ignition is switched on for at least some amount of time, and the lights are good with the test button, I would say that the ECM is not getting power or it is fried.  There should be two fuses or breakers that supply power to the ECM that need to be checked, as well as three grounds that come off of the power connector to the ECM.  They are supposed to be run directly to the batteries.  Could the grounds have been left off when the batteries were changed?  Check the power at the ECM power connector - it has five pins.   Here is the troubleshooting manual - http://www.dmbruss.com/images/Schematics/DDEC/
- Steve

 on: Today at 05:23:53 PM 
Started by johnjem - Last post by johnjem
Can any one tell me that has a 1970 4905. I am looking for the location of the rivets on the rain gutter , I seem to have covered them up and lost my paper work as to where to find them,when its was time to reinstall!!!   Looking for measurement  from edge of roof line to the top of gutter  or to the rivets !   Any help would be great !! Don't want to be drilling around to find the original pop rivets holes!!  Thanks john

 on: Today at 04:07:45 PM 
Started by Brian Diehl - Last post by Tom Y
Brian, The limit in Pa is 1/2 inch at tire for all tires over 20 in.

 on: Today at 04:07:12 PM 
Started by doublee - Last post by doublee
 well it was going to good I did not realize that I grabbed the drivers side model when I programmed the mill I have been working on the pass side.
so it looks like I will be making the pass side next week. I wasn't going to do the driver side until I winterized it and could pull it out and make sure it was a mirror image. 

 on: Today at 04:02:33 PM 
Started by doublee - Last post by doublee
here is the 3" box tubing housing had to weld in a pc of 1 x 1 3/4 x 4" angle to support pivot. tubing  still needs more trimming after seeing it machined

 on: Today at 03:59:26 PM 
Started by doublee - Last post by doublee
cut out old pivot and removed bushings and seal decided it was to rusty to reuse and made a new stainless one and ordered new rulan bushing and square o-ring  from McMaster-carr will be here tomorrow I may need to make a new shaft but that will have to wait

 on: Today at 03:32:51 PM 
Started by PRZNBUS - Last post by lvmci
I hit them with a hammer before using the biggest phillops head I could find. lvmci...

 on: Today at 03:13:15 PM 
Started by Nick Badame Refrig/ACC - Last post by Lazyoldgeezer
Just purchased my first bus a 1968 Silver Eagle. Paid just $4500.00 It starts and runs like a champ, but the interior is now stripped and in the process of wiring it to my liking. The 6.5 KW Onan needs a new carburetor, and there are no holding tanks on board so I have my work cut out for me. Both steers are in great shape but the rears show some sidewall weathering but good tread depth.

Lucky for me, Cowells in Joplin is just a couple hours away. My intention is to install and interior that sleeps 8 with shower, crapper, and kitchen. Then use it to travel up and down Baja carrying 6 surfers/divers and stopping at the good surf and diving spots on 4 week trips. I am willing to read all replies, suggestions, and help that I can get. I look forward to being and avid reader and contributor to this forum.

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