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 on: Today at 07:20:49 PM 
Started by Beesme - Last post by Utahclaimjumper
 Your 06 NEEDS between 3.5 to 4 degrees of POSITIVE CASTER, its easy to do with a protractor and a couple of wrenchs.>>>Dan (I have found them as much as 3 DEGREES negative and they handled horribly)

 on: Today at 07:12:50 PM 
Started by Beesme - Last post by chessie4905
Check the caster setting on front axle. Negative caster makes steering easy at !ow speed, but causes wandering on highway with frequent correction of steering wheel. How are shocks? Any play in steering? Manual or power steering?

 on: Today at 07:03:19 PM 
Started by Gary Hatt - Publisher BCM - Last post by tom120
That Flx is Bernards--Jays top mechanic/engineer. I talked to him some time back when I was looking for 4 speed parts. Nice guy. Told me the side trim was all NOS stuff. My guess is that bus is super sanitary and the undercarriage and driveline are probably very impressive. Would love to see it closeup some day. Tom

 on: Today at 05:54:05 PM 
Started by Gary Hatt - Publisher BCM - Last post by Ed Hackenbruch
All tires heat up going down the road,......that is why they also increase about 10-12% in pressure.   Smiley

 on: Today at 05:26:25 PM 
Started by Scott Bennett - Last post by Jim Eh.
Nice looking lower cabinets. Store bought or custom build? How deep did you go with?

 on: Today at 05:23:19 PM 
Started by belfert - Last post by Jim Eh.
Prep with a little acetone - both surfaces. Then JB it, just not the "quick" JB, at least I never had any luck with it. Or take a trip to you local body shop, seems they have great 3M products that are industrial strength.

 on: Today at 05:23:14 PM 
Started by Scott Bennett - Last post by jav9956
I'll be looking forward to it. Really looking sharp though.

 on: Today at 05:17:52 PM 
Started by Beesme - Last post by Jim Eh.
If by "wobble" you mean the bus wanting to change lanes seemingly without turning the steering wheel you may have excessive toe out on the steer axle.

 on: Today at 04:58:08 PM 
Started by Gary Hatt - Publisher BCM - Last post by uncle ned

Jon   I am glad someone reads my responses   Next time I head to the famous BK's unknown rally.

I hope you can drop in. always a good time had by all.

uncle ned

 on: Today at 04:54:01 PM 
Started by Nel - Last post by Oonrahnjay
  This probably did not happen in the US, a good candidate would be Russia, where an amazing number of people have dash-cams. Wild erratic crazy driving caused this, and the person who did it might be the only casualty. 

     There is a white box truck in the left lane that has Cyrillic lettering on it.  Yeah, Russia.

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