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September 21, 2014, 09:07:09 AM *
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 on: Today at 09:02:18 AM 
Started by mung - Last post by skihor
Is National General the old GMAC insurance ?
We had GMAC which changed 2 or 3 years ago to National General. Their rates are great. We pay just over $700 annual for full timers/full coverage. BUT we are currently going through a hail claim from July 7TH and still have no idea when they will settle. Included in the claim was our brand new car and our 6X12 cargo trailer. All I can say is... National General is a Circus and I have talked to every Clown there. They have to hire independent appraisers, (none in Colorado). The prices from them are far from reality. The damage to our car was underestimated by close to 30%. They didn't search for used comps on our trailer. The comps they tried to use were cheap new ones. I had to find the comps myself. IT TOOK APPROX 4 MINUTES of Google to find used, same year, same size, same model, sold this year comps. The used ones sold for 33% more than their "new" comps. The current equivelent trailer sells for TWICE the amount of their comps.
Our bus is the next fight. So far all they seem to be concerned about is whether or not a previous hail claim was repaired. (It was repaired by me). I submitted a copy of my Oregon title which is branded from that incident as "Totaled" It was inspected by the State of Oregon and deemed "Reconstructed". The new title has both terms on it. Their only focus seems to be on proving that I'm trying to commit fraud. They have sent 2 guys over taking pictures, they have hired 2 different people to try and estimate it's worth. They have now hired someone to go over and compare the old pictures to the new ones. I had to get and send everything from the previous Progressive claim, pictures and all.
Our car was parked 4 FEET away and got 4K worth of hail damage, our trailer was parked 12 FEET away and was totaled, Yet they are worried about whether one or two dents are left from before.
Our trailer has so many hail dents that you couldn't place a dollar bill anywhere without touching several hail dents.
As bad as this current, (nearly 8 weeks old), deal is... the Progressive claim 5 years ago was much worse. 
Like someone else said... You'll find out what kind of coverage you have when you make a claim...

 on: Today at 08:53:19 AM 
Started by Seangie - Last post by Linda-4104-FL
Some years ago, we visited Salt Lake City and while in a campground near there, we also took a drive in the truck over to see the Kennicott Copper Mine.  Interesting to see in person.  http://utahpictures.com/Kennecott_Copper_Mine.php

 on: Today at 08:32:22 AM 
Started by Seangie - Last post by luvrbus
The Ice Caves are in that area also

 on: Today at 08:09:51 AM 
Started by Seangie - Last post by TheHollands!
Crater of the moon east of twin falls is also a pretty cool adventure, you can camp out there as well.

 on: Today at 07:15:44 AM 
Started by Seangie - Last post by luvrbus
Spend the time and take the kids north of Boise around Banks and Garden Valley let them play or float the Payette lol lot more to do around Boise than the salt flats, 

You can spend a week just visiting the city parks in Boise and the Lucky Peak area ah Boise love the place I found a wife from there 42 years ago Roll Eyes

 on: Today at 06:07:46 AM 
Started by mung - Last post by luvrbus
Is National General the old GMAC insurance ?

 on: Today at 05:59:16 AM 
Started by bevans6 - Last post by Ed Hackenbruch
So far my winter travel has been limited to going from Yuma to Quartzsite for the GM bus rally......haven't hit snow on the trip there and back yet, which is a good thing since i don't own chains! Grin

 on: Today at 04:35:03 AM 
Started by Lostranger - Last post by Lostranger
My reskin is progressing nicely and should be finished this week. That makes paint a high priority. Since I know little about automotive paint and don't trust my spray skills, I've hired a pro body man to shoot the stuff. He's never done anything this big.

Planning to use single stage acrylic urethane with a hardener. Will be mostly white, but will have a contrasting stripe (about six inches) around perimeter. How many gallons is this likely to take? Bus is 40' long, but since it's a low floor, the walls are not as high as a typical coach. I imagine I'll eventually find a surface area based guide on line, but I'd love to hear from those of you who know this subject.

Here's an enlargement of my avatar for perspective. Destination sign window will be eliminated and painted. Will have driver/passenger windows, one on each side immediately behind that and one on each side in bed room.

As soon as it's done, I'll post a shot with new skin.


 on: September 20, 2014, 09:42:33 PM 
Started by luvrbus - Last post by shelled
currently just under $10K for nice clean bus ends 22 Sept.


 on: September 20, 2014, 09:29:13 PM 
Started by harleyman_1000 - Last post by Dave5Cs
Tom Thanks, but i already got a Dino board and just haven't put it in yet. When we got the bus it was in but wasn't working So I rebuilt it new Sail switch and all else. I also got a remote board extend unit for the board. I put the unit back in but haven't hook up the extend unit. Just haven't needed to use the heater. When we have we turn on the little cube and it works well for very little cost.

Dave Walker

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