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 on: Today at 06:24:36 AM 
Started by shelled - Last post by belfert
PS - No-one has commented on the motorhome-standing-on-it's-rear-bumper photo - what's that about?
It looks like someone had an elevated parking spot for their motorhome and the motorhome simply accidentally rolled off or was driven off the parking spot.

 on: Today at 05:44:59 AM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by luvrbus
I believe that has been done more than people admit to it Grin,Cole's 15 axle Talbert 250 ton lowboys all have auxiliary compressors from the factory

 on: Today at 05:39:55 AM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by digesterman
In any emergency common sense should have the preference. I really can not see a policeman stopping someone from moving a disabled vehicle off a busy highway by whatever means that appears to work safely, I'm with you grumpy.
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 on: Today at 05:31:09 AM 
Started by shelled - Last post by tom120
You are close tom. I bought an 07 Allison 2500 RDS with 18,000 miles for $1200 with the computer, harness, yoke and dipstick.  I have to reposition the motor rearwards to make it fit and have a flexplate built. Would prefer to keep the stick but the stick options don't really give me any real long grade climbing options. The Allisons are amazing and the 3rd and 4th gear in lockup and non lockup is exactly what the bus needs. this has a TC221 converter but not sure if it is the correct one yet for this application. This should be an interesting blend of old and new technology. btw Allison had me at $10k for a trans and a core just to get started. thx

 on: Today at 05:21:59 AM 
Started by B_K - Last post by B_K
Flying down to there today to help a friend look over a bus in Winter Springs any busnuts close to there? (sorry about short notice just came up last night an I of course agreed to go with!)

I won't have internet access from the time I leave until I get somewhere w/wifi and can use my laptop. (I gave up the smart phone when it took a dump on me & went back to a good ol' $40 go phone!)
Grin  BK  Grin

I will have my cell phone with me. 2 seven 0-seven 0 five-1139 leave a msg. I'll return the call!

 on: Today at 05:15:36 AM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by bevans6
It is illegal in Ontario, where I held an air brake endorsement to my driver's license.  The incident happened on the 401 highway which is an Ontario highway.  The vehicle must be compliant with DOT regulations at all times when operated on a public road, including the air compressor.  Adding a non-DOT approved, non- CMVSS compliant air compressor to replace the installed one is illegal, operating a vehicle that cannot pass a daily air brake inspection is illegal.  If it's criminally illegal depends on the charge that an officer might place, and on what a court might decide.  The Ontario air brake course and air brake test covers this in detail.  

Licensed vehicle recovery operators are allowed to do things that ordinary drivers aren't allowed to do.


 on: Today at 05:12:39 AM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by B_K
Boy oh boy does this thread sound familiar?

And that's all I gots to say about that! (except I too kept the compressor, well sort of I sold it to our mechanic as he wanted for his garage @ home)
Grin  BK  Grin

 on: Today at 05:09:44 AM 
Started by krank - Last post by gumpy
If you put a voltmeter on your batteries, I think you'll see that the direct drive alternator is actually charging from startup, even thought the light on the dash says it isn't.  This light is a holdover from the belt tensioned alternators of yore.

 on: Today at 05:05:58 AM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by gumpy
You guys need to get off your high horses and get over yourselves.

Other than the unethical act of returning the compressor, what he did was perfectly fine and legal. As he stated, he ran the line out the back window and aired up the coach, so he obviously plugged the compressor into the bus air and had the entire system at 120 psi, not just the brakes. This is more than enough air to safely operate the brakes. His service brakes and emergency brakes were not inoperative. The Home Depot compressor was maintaining proper pressure in the system and he was able to safely get his bus to a repair place (his home). Nothing he did was illegal or unsafe. Yes, I don't agree with returning the compressor, but that's not what this board is about.

I have personally done exactly what he did when my compressor broke (though I kept the compressor to install in the bus). That 120v compressor ran every 16 minutes to replenish the bus air to 120 psi. It kicked on at 100 and off at 120. There was nothing unsafe about it and it allowed me to get the bus to a place where it could be repaired.

For those of you chastising him for use of the portable air compressor, I expect to read that when you have a similar problem, that you paid the big bucks for a tow truck and professional repair. It would be unethical for you do anything else, and leaving the bus on the side of the road while you perform a repair would be illegal and dangerous.

Yes, some of you people need to get over yourselves.

 on: Today at 03:34:35 AM 
Started by krank - Last post by bevans6
The air pressure delay is built in for a number of reasons, I think the primary one is to delay the use of the AC/Heat blowers until the engine has warmed up a bit and the AC belts are tightened by their air cylinder.  On my MC-5C the delay also allowed the original belt driven alternator belts to be tightened by their air cylinder.  MCI built everything the same, it wouldn't surprise me to find that delay for the alternator is a hold over from earlier vehicles.


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