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 on: Today at 11:29:10 AM 
Started by Jim Eh. - Last post by Dreadnought
I got a new set of very expensive 8D batteries in 2012. I learned a lesson about keeping them topped up and the bus elec system disconnected when not in use. I've since used Battery tenders for all my batteries and the 8Ds are in top condition!

 on: Today at 11:21:22 AM 
Started by Fred Mc - Last post by luvrbus
Good for you,I usually hook the negative from the battery to the starter end and then use a cable to the chassis for a ground on GMs, grounds are always a problem on 1 it seems.They usually don't use a case ground with a aluminum bellhousing fwiw   

 on: Today at 11:21:15 AM 
Started by Scott Bennett - Last post by RichardEntrekin

I just replaced that exact unit because it was leaking between the clear plastic and the metal cover. No way of fixing it.  Good news is the replacement part is about 20 bucks. Took apart five minutes to replace and another twenty with brake cleaner to mop up the mess.

 on: Today at 11:15:17 AM 
Started by Fred Mc - Last post by Fred Mc
Turns out that the problem was no negative cable between the starter and the block which a couple of you pointed out..This is REALLY puzzling.
A few years ago I moved the batteries to the old a/c compartment and ran the battery cables directly to the starter and everything worked fine EXCEPT it didn't want to turn over when the engine was warm. And THERE WAS NO CABLE BETWEEN THE NEGATIVE POST ON THE STARTER AND THE ENGINE BLOCK. I know I'm getting old and stupid (according to my wife) but NOT that stupid.

At any rate finally took the starter off and had it rebuilt. Last night I was on the Delco Remy website reading about these starters and noticed there is a model that the case is grounded and one where it is isolated. I'm going to talk to the rebuilder to see if MAYBE he changed the case. That is the ONLY thing I can think of.
Anyway it starts and runs and I will test it now to see if it will restart when warmed up.

Thanks for everyones help.


 on: Today at 11:13:11 AM 
Started by Scott Bennett - Last post by RichardEntrekin
In case you miss the Wildwood sign, it is State Hwy 44.

We live just to the west in Inverness.

 on: Today at 10:53:34 AM 
Started by Jim Eh. - Last post by luvrbus
Battery life is affected by cycles discharge and recharge the maintainers takes the cycle away by not letting the battery discharge so it extends the life of a battery   

 on: Today at 10:44:28 AM 
Started by Jim Eh. - Last post by Iceni John
3 amps at 24 volts is 72 watts  -  that's way more than an ECM needs when not running.   I measured my DDEC II ECM power draw:  it takes about 8 mA on standby.   That's still enough to slowly draw down a Group 31 after several weeks, but an hour or less of charging is then sufficient to bring it back to 100%.

My guess is that you have other phantom loads.   Maybe a 100 watt solar panel and a simple PWM charge controller would be good for keeping everything charged?   Remember, battery maintainers do just that  -  they are not chargers per se, but they prevent batteries from self-depleting without any loads.


 on: Today at 09:55:06 AM 
Started by Jim Eh. - Last post by HB of CJ
Three, (3) amps charging a 24 volt system of starter batteries might take quite some time if they were deeply discharged.  I for one do not think a maintainer would greatly decrease your starter battery life.  Lots of phantom or known rate discharge goodies with your application.  A three, (3) amp discharge rate is huge.  Gaging the exact discharge rate might help determining a maintenance charging rate.  If needed, do not forget the water.

Or just park on a hill?  Or bump start using the toad?  Or draft a bunch of folks and just push?  Smiley

 on: Today at 09:49:26 AM 
Started by belfert - Last post by Oonrahnjay
      How are you getting along after the surgery, Brian?  Hope you fine now.  Also, if my bus were to sit for a year, I'd do two short trips before a big one -- one to identify problems and one after I'd worked on it to be sure that all was OK. 

 on: Today at 09:47:52 AM 
Started by Scott Bennett - Last post by |@n

I think you may have compatibility issues with your version of SM and how it plays (or, in this case, doesn't!) with the latest version of Tapatalk.

Please let me know if I can help, as I have the latest versions of both running smoothly on my web site Smiley


I admin on another forum and we have a few peeps that continue to have the same problem. We found it is more linked to the browser you are using and an incompatibility between the browser and the board. If you can, try using a different web browser and see if you have the same issues. One in particular is Dolphin on a droid device connecting to a Invision Power Services board. Not sure if the issue is with Dolphin or IPS but they don't play very nice together.

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