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 on: Today at 10:04:10 AM 
Started by Zephod - Last post by Zephod
No split rims here. All Dayton. I've seen Dayton hubs at work with a wide variety of metric and imperial sized tyres. I'm trying to find out what Carpenter or Interbational would ha e originally specified.

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 on: Today at 09:54:55 AM 
Started by Zephod - Last post by GiddyInn
I am not an expert, But I believe the dot number has the date of manufacture of the tire, the last 4 digits  0210, the second week of 2010. If your bus is like my schoolie, it came stock with 9r20 tires, That means it is a 20" diameter rim. That style was a split rim, needing to have a tube. 22.5 rims are one piece rim. but they fit on the same hubs. I don't know if that helps you any or not.

 on: Today at 09:40:28 AM 
Started by Jim Eh. - Last post by DoubleEagle
     I live near the coast of North Carolina.  I'm sure it's 110% different for Clifford, and Geoff, and ThomasinNV, and the other folks in the "desert west", but where I live, if it's "sealed" that means that you've captured water in that conduit or air line or chassis cavity and it's going to come back to hurt you.  Also, moisture seems to get into "sealed" areas but can't get out -- I'll let you guess how that works out.
     What seems to work best for us is "flow through" air, deflectors to keep rain or road spray etc. out as best as possible, and drains at low points.
     But sealing it to keep it dry -- ain't gonna happen.

Never say never.  Grin The conduit system that kept my wires dry on my dump trailer were the vapor-proof type prescribed in explosive hazard conditions. There were mechanical seals at every fitting. For our purposes in a bus conversion, a product like Polywater FST foam duct sealant would work to seal the ends of conduit runs. It is a closed cell expanding foam that would hold even under pressure conditions. There are probably other brands as well. For the purpose of running conduit through a cooled passage, that should work. There are many conditions in the NEC (National Electrical Code for our international friends) that require the sealing against moisture and gas vapors in industrial and underground environments.

 on: Today at 09:27:14 AM 
Started by HudsonMarine - Last post by HudsonMarine
I'm looking strongly at deleting the aluminum side mouldings on my MC9, to allow me more freedom with paint schemes.
I really see no structural as these are lightly fastened with screws spaced sparsely.

 on: Today at 09:21:21 AM 
Started by Astro - Last post by Zephod
I used the original manual door lock, which can't be opened from the outside and added a key operated opening mechanism.

 on: Today at 09:16:51 AM 
Started by Zephod - Last post by Zephod
On my tyres, it says
(front tyres)
Brand lightly here
1/32 max depth
Goodyear g159
271848 grwx 49B
10r 22.5 tubeless
Load range F
Max load single 5205lbs at 100psi cold
Tread 4 ply steel cord
Sidewall 1 ply steel cord
Made in USA.

The back tire says
Goodyear unicircle g362 retread
G661 has
Graham 039s
Dot mc3t e5bw 0210
Radial tubeless
Max load single 6175lbs at 105psi cold
Max load dual 5840lbs at 105psi cold

Plies tread 5 steel
Sidewall 1 steel
Load range g
E13 0011898 test infl 105 psi e13 0011901-s
Made in USA

On the makers plate
9.00 - 20F tires 20x7.0 rims rear 85psi
9.00 - 20F tires 20x7.0 rims front 95psi
Gawr 27,500
Gawr front 10000
Gawr rear 17500

I think I know what most of that means. I'm thinking I have the wrong tires on the back and possibly the front too but they seem to work. The ultimate goal will be to put new tyres in place of the retreads and to replace the g159s and raise the max speed to about 70 on the flat.

The tires pass a visual inspection and are st the correct pressure according to the makers plate. No cuts, nicks, bulges etc.

Can anybody with good knowledge of tyres explain any of that to me?

 on: Today at 08:49:16 AM 
Started by kyle4501 - Last post by Zephod
Without the cruise control, my speed creeps up until I'm against the governor. . . .
My bus is governed to 55 on the flat. Uphill, it's less, downhill it can reach 75. I'm happy though... the tires are rated to 65.

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 on: Today at 08:26:23 AM 
Started by MaybeABus - Last post by PP

Snootiness? We can't help it if you feel inferior.  Grin

I like that  Grin Grin

 on: Today at 07:58:09 AM 
Started by Scott & Heather - Last post by tomhamrick
Sorry to hear. Our prayers are with Brenda.

Tom & Karen Hamrick

 on: Today at 07:40:26 AM 
Started by MaybeABus - Last post by muldoonman
If I had $200K to play with, I'd look for a Blue Bird, Newell or professionally converted MCI (don't like Prevost and all the snootiness associated with them).  Good Luck, TomC

Snootiness? We can't help it if you feel inferior.  Grin

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