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July 25, 2014, 06:06:58 PM *
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 on: July 24, 2014, 07:14:00 PM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by Jriddle
John you win the door prize he probably had to much ash content in the engine oil  Grin I lost your phone # John I was going to stop for awhile when we came through Wells last month

We are in a transition in our life right now. I have taken a two year job in the Dominican Republic and now live there most of the year.  We rented a place by the beach on the North Coast in Cabarete DR. We still have the house in Wells for now. We have it rented on a lease purchase agreement. We purchased a fixer upper in Townsend MT and have been kind of heading there during my time off. The bus, airplane and tools are in Montana and the rest is in SLC in storage. I donít have a phone number in the US right now.

 on: July 24, 2014, 07:11:17 PM 
Started by B_K - Last post by B_K
Well the Winter Springs trip was a BUST! That bus was in terrible shape!

I could have called an asked my sister to put Kross on the speaker phone and asked him his opinion of it and he would have told me "RUFF" without even seeing it! (seller had no sense of humor when I told him & my buddy that!)

My goodness I don't understand why people try to shyster folks when selling something!
Ronnie was told "the bus is ready to take home and put in service, might even make some extra $ on the way home w/it if you had a way to pick up a load on the way home!"

Was also told the tires were 90%, but he forgot the add that was 90% BALD! (my dad has more hair on his head than those tires had tread! An at least when I sold Dave the Setra I told him it had "sure pops" on it! and on top of that dad told him "I know they had air in them when you left, I could see it in them!")

Wow the bus was filthy nasty & dirty everywhere I was looking (I started checking compartments and such right away) when the sellers mechanic came up an told me "man this is one clean bus"
I looked at him and said "IT IS? WHERE?!?!?!?"

Then on top of that we'd been told it was a series 60 Detroit but I knew by the sound it wasn't!
So again the mechanic showed me up on my knowledge and told me "it's an N14 Cummins just like all the big trucks use and it's a great engine you can get 'm w/jake brakes and all that but this one doesn't have it though!"

I don't know my cummins that well but it could have been an N14 it was black w/red valve cover.
I was loosing more oil than an old non-maintained 2 stroke! (Ronnie had been told "NO LEAKS!")

Bus was in high ride position and nothing I did would return it to normal!
(the front compartment under the drivers seat had the cover off the box that housed the valves, solenoids, and switches. and there were a bunch of clipped hose ends and fitting laying around not to mention several new bypass hoses that were obviously recently put it and the way they were routed wouldn't allow the cover to be put back on without pinching them!)

A/C system was on "FULL A/C Overide" on a solenoid switch in the luggage bay! (when I told them that they went back and turned it off ! Then told me "try it now, should be working normally" except now it did nothing!)

The owner {or guy selling it} got real pissed when I told them look the A/C & suspension systems could be something as simple as a $20-50 relay, valve or solenoid. Or could be as major as a $5000 computer board for each! He told Ronnie "Look this guy is just nit picking and pointing out all the little stuff!"
I stopped him there and told him "Oh no I'm just pointing out several of the major things I ain't started on the little things yet!"

He got disgusted and asked Ronnie do we have a deal or not? Ronnie said "I don't know we ain't even test drove it yet!"

So the guy climbs in, tells his mechanic "come on let's go for a ride" to which the mechanic replied "no I ain't going I'll stay here in case you need me to come get ya! (lot's of confidence there I'll tell ya)

So we pull out and go down the road and the guy tells me "go ahead Bryce floor it, this road is 55 mph so we can do 60-65 OK!"
I replied I wasn't sure the bus or tires would hold up to that speed!
I tried the trans retarder and it did nothing that I could feel and the brakes were real weak!
So I pulled into a turn around spot an told Ronnie yer turn!
When we pulled in to the church lot we had started from the mechanic came running over an said "I didn't know it but that thing has a jake brake!" (yeah see above remarks about the engine)
I told him I didn't know if it had one or not because you could hear for feel it when driving it!
He insisted "yeah it's got one I could hear it as you rumbled in here!"
I again told him "It might have one but you can't tell it by feeling it or hearing it from in here!"

Anyway the guy selling it acted like he was going to leave Ronnie an I stranded out in Winter Springs w/no way to get back to the airport! Finally his mechanic told him "Look just go down 417 it'll run you straight to the airport!"
An he finally said yeah get in I'll run back there and drop ya off!

On the way there I had to scramble and find us a return flight home as Ronnie had only booked one way tickets! (and had not packed an overnight bag or anything! I mentioned staying the night and going to check out other bus sales places but Ronnie had to be home in the MA to take his handicapped daughter to a Dr appointment!)

So all in all we left home @ 5 AM drove 2 hrs to Nashville flew to Charlotte, NC to Orlando spent less than 2 hrs in Orlando and had to scramble to make a flight to Miami and then back to Nashville. Got back to Nashville @ 10:45 PM and home @ 1 AM!

Ye Ha when we going again!
Grin  BK  Grin

 on: July 24, 2014, 06:47:33 PM 
Started by Boomer - Last post by lostagain
I and maybe DW would certainly like to go. We'll see if we can make it.


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 on: July 24, 2014, 06:24:06 PM 
Started by Boomer - Last post by PP
Hey Boomer, there seems to be a problem with the calendar. Will

 on: July 24, 2014, 06:21:50 PM 
Started by Mex-Busnut - Last post by Lostranger
Edwards's points are excellent. We are careful about air flow in particular. Three factory roof vents help. Our windows will be strategically placed, and our door latches open. We use one of those screens with magnets in the middle, and I no longer feel a need to build a framed screen. LED lighting throughout.

Thanks, Edward.


 on: July 24, 2014, 06:21:21 PM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by Dave5Cs
Just so you know Bryce B_K is not a name, DuH,  Grin

 on: July 24, 2014, 06:18:57 PM 
Started by yeeolde48 - Last post by B_K
I met a guy about 2 weeks ago who owns an old Eagle looking for a 4 spd for it.
When I told him Dave had just bought the old Setra from me he gave me his card in case Dave wanted to sell his old one. Hadn't heard back about that, but I'm sure the guy is still looking if someone has one to sell that will work in his Eagle!
Grin  BK  Grin

 on: July 24, 2014, 06:11:59 PM 
Started by BlakeWright - Last post by B_K
 Air Compressors, Oil and Anti-freeze. These topics always bring emotion on this board. I remember the last time this Portable Air Compressor thread came up some people actually quit the board but not really.  Huh Grin Cheesy Huh Grin


Actually I think Craig aka "Gumpy" was the last one to post doing it! (or last I remember anyway!)
And yes I did quit the board for about a month (hence the name change) for all the bashing I took for using an alternate compressor to bring the bus home so I could order receive and install in my shop!
Grin  BK  Grin

 on: July 24, 2014, 05:49:14 PM 
Started by krank - Last post by krank
Waitaminute! There was an issue with the charging when I was bringing the unit home. It was the dead of winter and I am pretty sure the air system was a little funky but my attention was on the charging system which died right at customs - both sides - at the border while trying to complete importing the bus into Canada.
I had to meet my BIL at the border (he did the transport for me) because he was having charging issues and the bus was shutting down. Well the customs guys on the US side were getting a little antsy as it was getting close to shift change and they mentioned it would be nice to be able to go home on time. Long story short, we got through customs - both sides - and proceeded north until we stopped in a small town for dinner. Alternator failing again. Eventually I put my portable generator and a 24v battery charger into a luggage compartment and ran a set of booster cables out the door to the battery bay direct to the batteries. Lots of power to get home. I figured it was going to toast the alternator but it would be a lot cheaper doing that than a sizeable tow bill and better than a long wait in the middle of winter.

Just as I got up to the city limits the air compressor quit and I had just enough air to make it to the shop door when the generator ran out of gas. From there I simply ran an air hose and plugged in the battery charger to an extension cord to drive the 100' left to get into the warmth.

Anyway I was wondering why after the bus warmed up and the air system worked again (non maintained dryer froze up) the charging system suddenly started working again. I think I had better look further into this air/charge thing.   Huh

 on: July 24, 2014, 05:24:27 PM 
Started by krank - Last post by krank
Thanks for the info. I have not checked if it is actually charging or not (at the batteries) but thought that the light is wired in series between ignition and the regulator so I can't figure out how it could be delayed.
That's a wicked/awesome compressor Tom. Amazing how quite it is in the video comparison.

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