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October 03, 2015, 08:00:18 PM *
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 on: October 02, 2015, 05:06:43 AM 
Started by Iceni John - Last post by kyle4501
I just added a coolant recovery tank to mine - found it on eBay - 3 gallon capacity.

Works GREAT!

 on: October 02, 2015, 05:01:14 AM 
Started by Zephod - Last post by kyle4501
Maybe Joaquin will provide enough water to find the leak . . . . .

 on: October 02, 2015, 04:24:10 AM 
Started by Craig R - Last post by bevans6
The military 8V71t I started with.  Note turbo is hung off the back, where the accessories attach on an MCI engine.  The military engine had no accessory drives at all, just covers over the holes.


 on: October 02, 2015, 04:15:39 AM 
Started by Craig R - Last post by bevans6
Here is a pic of how I did the manifolds on my 8V-71T to put it in my MC-5C.  You could do the manifolds on your 6V-91 exactly the same if you wanted to.  FWIW the blower intake cover I "cut-and-shut" from the stock one that came with the engine, and Tig welded it together.  I got the height wrong by 1/4" which I discovered when I first tried to install the engine, I had to take it off and take a bit off the top...   Grin

I bought tube bends from a specialty racing supply house that did the tight radius mandrel bent bends (constant diameter in the tube, no wrinkles), I used 16 gauge tube, and I bought the stainless steel vee band clamp fixtures to join the pieces together.  Material cost was around $800 delivered to my shop in Hamilton Ontario at the time.  I added a slip joint in the section that goes across the front of the engine, it wanted to move too much with heat cycles.  I built it to fit together with perfected fit, the first time I took it off after running the engine it had moved a bit and wouldn't go back on!

Cheers, Brian

 on: October 02, 2015, 04:03:55 AM 
Started by belfert - Last post by bevans6
On my MCI, that wire that feeds the AC motors is a quite short 1/0 gauge wire (8 feet long or so) which is good for around 150 amps continuous.  That is the cable I use to bond my house system with the bus system and run my AC unit on the road.  I tapped directly into the bus bar, I did not use the breaker.  FWIW


 on: October 02, 2015, 03:38:57 AM 
Started by JohnVickrey - Last post by JohnVickrey
Here's my story up to this point.  I have started the engine and run it for several minutes a couple of times, even moved the bus, but I have not driven it on the road.  I don't think there is room for the bolt to drop all the way through and into the pan.  Looks like it would have landed on the Crank gear and immediate destruction would have occurred on startup.  There are 6 bolts on the generator drive and 4 are required for the pulley drive I installed.  I used 4 of the bolts and I have one left.  I can't find the missing bolt either on the ground or on top of the transmission.  Seems to me like I have dodged a bullet unless its hiding in there somewhere just waiting for me to get on I75 in downtown Atlanta. 

I just can't believe I dropped the bolt in there, but I can't account for all the bolts and I may start running down the road screaming and waving my arms. 

 on: October 02, 2015, 02:01:06 AM 
Started by castingnicki - Last post by Dreamscape
We started our full time journey in 2009, wish we had started earlier. It's not for everyone, but it works for us.

 on: October 01, 2015, 10:56:02 PM 
Started by JohnVickrey - Last post by azdieselman
I would support Eagles' method. Turn it by hand until you retrieve it.

It'll be ugly if it's running while searching for a way out!

If you need a reason for a repower, Fire it up!

 on: October 01, 2015, 09:48:11 PM 
Started by Craig R - Last post by Craig R
4-turbo 12V71's sounds like two turbos per bank or one turbo for each three cylinders. The one I saw being fired up on a U-Tube video had one turbo hanging off each side -- one appearing to pressurize the front six cylinders (front three of each bank) and the other appearing to pressurize the back six (back three of each bank). I wonder if a person could bolt one of the air horns from a two-turbo 12V71TA to the intake manifold of a 6V71TA to mount one turbo beside the V6 engine.

 on: October 01, 2015, 08:47:32 PM 
Started by JohnVickrey - Last post by eagle19952

here's what i would do... rotate the motor by hand 10 times...if it makes 10 revolutions.... i would pray, drop the oil pan and hope like heck i found the bolt...  Roll Eyes Huh Roll Eyes

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