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Author Topic: Radiant heat vs heat exchangers and fans what do you think  (Read 4211 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 14, 2008, 09:38:58 AM »


I have talked and corresponded with the guys at Econoheat several times.  They are my tentative choice for home and shop heat when (if) I get a new home.  Their unit somehow compensates for different viscosity's and energy content of almost any oil you can fed it.  Drain oil isn't all that hard to come by and differential grease and ATF and hydraulic fluid are easy or cheap as well.  The collectors even retail  the stuff at attractive prices.  There is another rather untapped fuel that people will pay you to haul off or will deliver for free.  The by product from making BioD is a glycerin that contains methanol(poison).  Glycerin is a form of alcohol and is a great fuel.  It has a down side as if it is not burned at a high enuf temp, 1000 degrees, it makes a poison gas that some people are really reactive to....like can kill them.  The econo unit has combustion temps that will properly dispose of the stuff safely and the carbon free combustion chamber speaks to how much ox the chamber is getting and how hot it is.

People that make BioD have a hard time getting rid of the byproduct.  I mean really hard time.  Even the commercial manufactures are in a little pinch for disposal but they can purify their stuff into glycerin and sell it.  A word of caution: The mfr of BioD can use one of two caustic bases....Sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.  Sodium will produce a byproduct that gels at 75 degrees and the potassium stuff stays liquid down to 40.

I hope you pursue this as the environment can use the consumption of all these substances in a less eco damaging manner.



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