Coleman Basement Model Heat Pump (2 ton)?

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Folks, I have the basement model listed above model#6335. Throughout the installation instructions and such the system continues to refer to the heating function of this unit. While I purchased the unit for the air conditioning factor, did this model also come with the heating function as well. All the instructions (including the thermostat) continue to have elements of heating as well.

Anyone have this basement model or similar and can shed some light on if I in fact do have the heating components. I am hooking up the system soon and if there is heat I have just saved a bunch of money!!! ;D ;D

Here is the link to the instructions for anyone who can help?



The manual says "HEAT PUMP".  It is an air conditioner and it also makes heat the same way.  That makes it a spendy and top of the line item.  Furnace and AC....good work.  Now install propane heating for redundancy and boon dock heating and you are good to go.  Heat pump is all you need down to zero degrees then you need electric or propane to keep it livable.

For back up and for those 100 plus days that catch us all, I  would install TWO of those units.  Same ducts cause I wouldn't zone them unless it proved needed for some reason.

What bus and what insulation and windows???


Nick Badame Refrig/ACC:
Hi Grant,

Your curcuit board in your Coleman has a set of contacts that are used for an external furnace. Your T-stat for

the Coleman will control this furnace along with sencing the tempature. If you purchaced a straight air unit,

chances are it is what it is... Look inside the compressor compartment and see if there is a funny looking valve

with 3 copper tubes comming off the top and 1 tube comming out the bottom. There will be a selonoid on

the center of the body too. This is a reversing valve. If you have one, it's a Heat Pump. If not, only A/C.

All RV basement units also have the option to add electric resistence heat to the supplys.

Good Luck

I realize it would take more space, but if it were me, I would use two 13,500btu units rather then the single 27,000btu double compressor unit.  Reason-look at the wiring schematic between the two.  The 13,500 is a basic unit compared to the 27,000 with its' staggered compressor run, auto high low fan speeds, and multiple relays to run the mess.  We then go back to the redundancy theory also with two smaller units compared to one big unit.  On my truck conversion, I am using two 13,500btu units for the living room, one 7,000btu for the bedroom and one 7,000btu for the cab (I don't like to be hot).  Good Luck, TomC


Grant identifies the unit as a model #6335 in his text but the manual that he lists is a #6535.  The 6535 is a heat pump.  Considering that you were sure that he has an AC only unit I assume that the 6335 is, in fact, an AC unit.  I didn't catch that contradiction when I first read his post so I think there is a question remaining....which unit does he have?   Grant?



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