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Author Topic: Chat helped me tonight and how to patch a muffler  (Read 3085 times)
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« on: July 12, 2006, 07:01:51 PM »

Chat is such a great tool - even for those like me who are REALLY inexperienced in a lot of things.

I thought I'd post so those who have been hesitant to chat would see that it is a-o-k!!

The purpose is expressly NOT to show how bad of a mechanic I am - let's let that one go please.   Grin

The guys solved my muffler problem - and I did the repair in about 30 minutes as opposed to 1 1/2 hrs spent unsuccessfully the night before. 


Ncbob       So, tell me about your 1" washer, Phil.
plyonsMC9       well - a bit embarrassing - but I just want to see if that is something I need to try to fish out of there..
Ncbob       Hmmm. tel me more.
plyonsMC9       I found a one inch hole in the muffler, right before we are supposed to be leaving on a trip. so I thought - JB Weld - as it takes some doing to get the bus to a shop
plyonsMC9       ..
Ncbob       Why a washer..instead of a wrap of some sort?
plyonsMC9       figured I would take her in to the shop when I got back in town. going from ILL to arkansas.
plyonsMC9       'cause the guy at Napa didn't know about wrap, and neither did I!
Ncbob       Oh, Florida Crakers experience lit up some bulbs for you?
plyonsMC9       you are very insightful.
plyonsMC9       yes, that is what prompted me to check the muffler.
plyonsMC9       Found the hole.
Ncbob       Mine's got some aluminum sheet riveted into it. It works...for now.
plyonsMC9       on the underside of the muffler.
plyonsMC9       'could have been like that for years. - i don't know...
plyonsMC9       All muffler & exhaust systems facing the bus seem just fine... but the muffler metal underside had a problem - facing the street.
Ncbob       I'd fine some sheel aluminum...Aluminum flashing or valley material..something like that and rivet it on!
plyonsMC9       One of the two retaining straps is broken also - but at the same time, I can't even budget the muffler, so it isn't loose..
Ncbob       There should be some solid metal to rivet to.
plyonsMC9       There is. most of it is in good condition.
Ncbob       Are you GM or MCI?
plyonsMC9       What about the washer inside the muffler. It is small. Is that something to be concerned about?
plyonsMC9       MC9
Ncbob       It'll blow out!
Ncbob       Your muffler is up there in the middle then?
plyonsMC9       Another one of my famous repairs..
plyonsMC9       blow out.
plyonsMC9       Smiley
plyonsMC9       No.
Ncbob       You'll be in the Hall of Fame one of these days.
plyonsMC9       It is down - underneath.
plyonsMC9       behind the left (driver) tag axle
Ncbob       I only know MCI...mine is behind the driver...no tag and easy to get to (thankfully).
plyonsMC9       Yes, mine is very easy also. (also an mci).
Ncbob       You might Email Chuck Lott. He's a s bright as a new penny!
plyonsMC9       easy access.
plyonsMC9       I have way too much to learn about these things!
Ncbob       C'mon...you're an oldtimer here.
Ncbob       Sorry, Frank...not meaning to shut you out.
plyonsMC9       Hah. Old timer yes. But heavy on the computer side. Much less real experience on bus & engine, etc..
Bosshosssport96       I enjoy reading
plyonsMC9       Yes, Frank
Bosshosssport96       I don't have any exhaust problems
plyonsMC9       Feel free to jump in! I'm almost done rambling about my embarrasing muffler repairs...
Ncbob       Guess we're pretty much all in the same boat...a bunch a amatuers learning.
Ncbob       BRB.
plyonsMC9       K.
Bosshosssport96       Did you have any problems with the JB weld concerning heat from the muffer
plyonsMC9       I haven't fired it up yet!
plyonsMC9       I saw on the package where they had repaired a Cat engine with it..
plyonsMC9       no problems
Bosshosssport96       Just curious
plyonsMC9       Plus I'd heard you could use it for that as well.
Bosshosssport96       You can
Bosshosssport96       I use JB weld all the time
plyonsMC9       If it wasn't so hard to get someone to work on the bus, i would just take it to a shop!
plyonsMC9       That is good to know.
Ncbob       You can actually drill and tap it. Marinetex is even stronger.
plyonsMC9       With the hole being about an inch in diameter, I needed somethign to fill in the hole, else the jb weld kept sagging..
Ncbob       I've reapired cast iron engine blocks with Marinetex...it's brutal!
plyonsMC9       Thus the washer
plyonsMC9       Wow!
Ncbob       Try a beer can! That's Dallas'favortie!
plyonsMC9       ?
Ncbob       Or a coffee can!
plyonsMC9       Do you mean, take metal from the can, use that to fill in the hole?
Bosshosssport96       If you put a piece of tape on the back side,it won't drip thru
Ncbob       Put some BIG hose clamps on it and GO
plyonsMC9       Then fill around with jb weld?
Ncbob       I'm listening.
plyonsMC9       OK, tape, I'm starting to get it...
plyonsMC9       I was concerned if I put tape there, that I would cause more problems.
plyonsMC9       But I guess the muffler isn't really a precision thing that is easily messed up.
Bosshosssport96       It won't
plyonsMC9       Won't tape catch on fire?
plyonsMC9       Sorry for silly questions!
plyonsMC9       Just melt away I guess?
Bosshosssport96       Like Bob said,a piece of metal pop rivited on is the best way
plyonsMC9       If I don't have pop-rivet, would four screws work?
plyonsMC9       Assuming I welded over them ..
Bosshosssport96       yes
Ncbob       AS long as you use sheet metal screw into solid metal.
plyonsMC9       K.
plyonsMC9       yes, solid metal. idea being to hold the metal in place for the jb weld to set.
Bosshosssport96       Self starting shet metal screws with JB weld
plyonsMC9       OK. this is good.
plyonsMC9       Thanks guys!!!
Ncbob       Now, wasn't that easy?
plyonsMC9       I really appreciate it!
Ncbob       Sounds like Frank has more experience than me.
plyonsMC9       Sure, but now I gotta get outside since daylight is going away, and this is my last chance to fix before our AK trip!
plyonsMC9       Yes, Thanks to you both! Frank - good to meet you!
Ncbob       Moving right along.....
Bosshosssport96       See
Ncbob       Good luck wwith your repair.
Bosshosssport96       Good luck
plyonsMC9       I'll let you all know how it goes. Gotta run - Smiley

Northern Arizona / 1983 - MC9
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"Foolish Pleasure" 35' MC5A

« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2006, 02:51:17 PM »

Phil, you are a sneaky Pete! Wink  My guess is that neither Frank nor I thought you might post our Chat back on the board. Cheesy

However you did and I can understand you you wished to make your point.  There will be times when one of us has a problem and it's important to us and/or family that we get some advice to help us through the problem ASAP.   I can Imagine the wife and me being on the road and something unforseen happening, or as in your case...loaded and ready to go and guess what?  Murphy rears his ugly head and all plans are of until it's fixed. Angry

The important thing for our Members to think about is that the Chat Room is just another one of those tools which MAK has been so gracious as to place at our disposal...for the mutual benefit of all. Smiley

So if any of you who have not visited the Chat Room are reading this....please do drop in...there are times that no one is there but usually in the evenings, after supper....about 8 EDT, there's a good cross section of the Board in there discussing, teasing and generally raising MOOOO! Shocked

If it happens to be during the day and you're on the road but have Wi-Fi access...don't dispair...many of us check in from time to time during the day.  It ain't AAA...and wasn't designed for that....but it's as close as you're going to get in some cases.


True friends are difficult to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget.
Frank @ TX
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« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2006, 12:31:31 PM »

How do I get into the chat room again?
I know it was stated before but I can't find the discussion now.


« Reply #3 on: July 14, 2006, 01:30:39 PM »

How do I get into the chat room again?
I know it was stated before but I can't find the discussion now.


Just look up above the MAK buses banner. You should see a button to click on for chat.

If you don't have it on your screen, here is the link:


I hope this helps!
We need all the members to be in chat whenever they can
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