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Author Topic: The little car that thinks it's a bus  (Read 1509 times)
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« on: September 12, 2009, 02:24:27 PM »

Well guys Iíve got a little story to tell of a little car that want to be a bus I believe this little car knows my heartís desire to own and drive a big old bus .  My wife and I bought a little Chev  Metro  with a 1.3 about five years ago with 61000 miles on it and we change the oil every 3000 miles and as of today it has 198.000. She drives about 50miles one way to work each day. The first time it showed an interest in being a bus was when the exhaust popped a hole in it and every time Iíd let off the gas it would sound like a Jake Brake, lol the boys and I loved it. I resisted fixing it for as long as I could about a year but I had to relent per the wifeís orders and I put on a brand new exhaust on her, I sure miss the sound it made. Then it started to leak oil, well I knew right then what she was trying to tell me, she was saying I got a big DD-8v and I need to take a leak. Man I was beside myself I said you just leak all you want honey and Iíll keep a close eye on you oil level. I check her over and she had a little leak at an oil sensor and as it got worse I pulled it out and cleaned it up and reinstalled it. Well Sunday my older son and I went golfing  (1 over par) by the way and we smelled oil burning a little briefly each way, when we got home my 17yr old jumped in and took off. Just as he is pulling back into town the car dies on him. I go over to look and when I lifted the hood  man I knew right then she must have a Big @$# DD 8V in her because there was oil everywhere all over the engine, right wheel and tire well, down the entire right side of the car and the right rear bumper Dang I was so proud of her. It turned out that the oil drown out the alternator, draining the battery and shutting down the electrical system hence she stopped moving.  I just shook my head and said to her you naughty little girl your pretending to be a bus again arenít you?    I grabbed a good battery she started right up and I drover eight blocks home. Well here is the low down we pulled her apart and she has a front seal gone bad the hot oil warped the plastic timing belt dust shield, ďdid I mention those thing are plasticĒ and then allowing the harmonic balance r to cut the heck out of it, which spinning at high speed slung  all over Godís green earth LOL she was so proud of herself. I got her back together last night after waiting three days for parts and she is just like new. Yea, I know she not a greyhound   she is more like my little dachshund hound, but every time we see one of the big girls on the road itís all I can do to hold her back.  
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« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2009, 03:04:29 PM »

It's not only the Metro that has the fever I think you might have it also. With the price of busses where they are now is the time to jump in and become a BusNut yourself.

Neat Story, Good Luck with your little "Dashhound"


Bob Caddel, Las Vegas Nevada
1971 MC7, 8V71, Allison MT654
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« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2009, 08:21:33 PM »

It,s already a GM with the engine tilted sideways,

Just put it in the back and make it turn counter clockwise Cheesy

It's all fun and games til someone gets hurt. Wink
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