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Author Topic: Winegard Satellite Dish Doesn't Work  (Read 3747 times)
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« on: August 07, 2006, 05:36:32 PM »

Just experienced a horrible week....no sat-vision. Tried the Winegard rooftop for the first time and never could get it to function. Found a satellite...TV indicated a signal and the correct satellite...101A.
Set up the portable...worked just fine...for about 6 hours. Storm came through knocked the dish down and the system wouldn't work after that. The batwing worked fine and the park had rudimentary cable...so all was not lost.
I'm wondering if perhaps the LNB in the portable dish was damaged when the dish was blown down. I anchored it (I know...should have done this before the storm), realigned and again, as with the rooftop, found a signal but the reciever would not display a pix. Brought the receiver home, hooked it up, and it's working fine!! Yet, couldn't even get the remote to access the menu when camping? Box didn't want to turn on...but playing with the on-off button on the front eventually turned it on. After that, it seems to be working fine. Do the boxes have some sort of "lockout" that turns off specific functions after too many attempts to setup?
I'm going to set the portable up when I get an hour to play with it. Found a small reset button on the receiver, and pushed it....wondering if that may have reset the box.
Question to the sat enlightened....what is the Winegard setup description: "round dish-one LNB" or "oval dish-2 LNBs"..those are the only reasonable options on the setup screen. My thought is that it is a oval single LNB....? Does round or oval really make a difference in setup? Will Direct TV work on a "round" dish?
Reckon the Winegard LNB is not compatible with Direct TV? Can the LNB be replaced with a later version if this were the case? The Winegard rooftop is about 3 years old, bought new, and has really never been in the weather unless the bus was in use...that means it gets rained on every time the bus goes out! It rained over 4 inches on Sat night, better than an inch on Fri nite and had rain on Thursday evening. I leave drought conditions and it rains! Gonna call the bus the "Rainmaker".. I rolled the awning up, and pulled it out 20 times! I don't remember any weather quite like this year.
The bus worked great...nice way to travel. Always had some wind noise near the driver's area and I figured the mirror was the problem....the noise was the old drivers window. I recently replaced the OEM window with a Pen slider and the noise is gone! Very cool!
Any info on the Winegard dish will be welcomed. Already looking at the new KVH, but cannot begin to justify that sort of expense so that I can watch the weather channel. Still....
Jack, get ready...I'm bringing my screwed dish to Timmonsville. Plan to check the cable (already done this when it was installed) and make sure I didn't run a screw thru it or something...highly unlikely though. Pretty much rule out the rest of the system since it worked on the cablevision. Can these sat boxes get "jammed" by looking for a signal too long?
Cheers, JR

JR Lynch , Charlotte, NC
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« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2006, 06:10:58 PM »

Uh I dunno ! BK Grin

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« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2006, 06:52:18 PM »

I have been to places where,try as I might I couldn't get my dish to pick up anything. Some other places I had no problems; found the sat right off. To reset the reciever, turn it on, push the power button in and hold it in till it comes back on. That resets it. Sometimes you have to call Dish or direct to give you a new hit  to activate your reciever. Check the ends of your coax. Give the center wire a tug. sometimes they break off close to the end and even though it looks good it is open. A signal strength memer is your best friend. It has a red light that shows continuity from the receiver to the end of the coax and with it hooked to the dish it has a needle and a tone to help find the sat.
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« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2006, 04:41:00 AM »

  I will try to answer some of your questions. The Winegard is a "Round 1" antenna. With our Direct TV receiver, setting the receiver to "round 1" allows us to get all of our programing except the local channels (our package is 1 step above the basic package). The Wingard should work with Direct TV, ours does. As far as I know, the receivers do not 'Jam" or "lock-out".  I have never seen a Winegard antennna damaged by rain. Water leaks around the antenna and loss of signal during the rain, but not damaged.
   You said that the prtable went down during a storm, was there any lightning or power surges?  These can require having to reset the receiver. Occassionaly, when all else fails, I unplug the receiver, wait about 5 minutes, plug it back end and it works. A tech told me years ago that our old C band receiver needed that done due to a build up of static electricity (not sure if that is true).
   Without seeing your portable, I do not know which antenna it is. Is the dish round or oval? (there is a very noticable difference in the shape of the parabola). If it is oval, how many round "things" are on the front of the LNB? (should be 2 or 3). The LNB could have been damaged when it fell.
   Hope this hellps and see ya'll at Timmonsville!  Jack

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