How Much Per Mile to Maintain a Bus

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Guys the way I understand the .68 cents is after all the tax deductions they take including deprecation on the bus still a lot of money 68,000 for every 100,000 miles just seems high to me and now you guys are saying 12,500 for 10,000 miles I never kept track there was nothing I could do anyway if I wanted to use my bus.
Like he told me on a 3 year old J4500 that left the shop in Phoenix they installed a new engine, transmission, ring gear, bearing and brakes plus tires and a few more things like seats was over a 100 grand and they had done a lot of work before this.
They can operate at .68 cents these guys count every penny they buy fuel by the train load.
He was just curios on how people handled the failure of major components with out a reserve my answer was you pray a lot.
Part of their program on different engines they install new Cat engines in the MCI's at 350,000 miles,the Cummins in the Vanhools at 300,000 miles,the 60 series in Prevost and Setra at 450,000 miles and I don't have any idea what size the Cat and Cummins are but these are the average sometimes they don't make it the mileage a new 60 series 47,000 bucks a B500 new 26,000 no wonder BK is pulling his hair out lol

We had this discussion back in January, as well:

Back then, I posted that I had built a spreadsheet that we use to figure our per-mile operating costs, and Mike posted my spreadsheet on BCM, here:

Generally, all we ever have to put in to it is the current price of diesel, and then it spits out not only our operating cost per mile of driving, but also the per-hour cost to run the generator.

You can adjust various factors to fit your own situation, such as cost of tires, oil changes, and the like, as well as how many miles you generally run between those services.

Right now we are running about 62 cents a mile, give or take.



I'm just thinking about myself and the past year.  50 cents a mile for fuel, that's $5K for 10,000 miles.  brake job, $3K (won't need another one for a while, but next year maybe an in-frame, year after starting to replace the tires), just did front air bags at $600, not to mention bucks to upgrade the generator, I just ordered an inverter, replaced the throne in the head, water pump died, thats $2K if you add it up.  If I'd been paying labour the steering work I just did would have been $1K.  I just ordered Peninsula windows for my bedroom, $750.

$12K isn't out of line.  Cheaper than the vintage car racing I've been  doing for the last 20 years.  That cost me $1500 a race in entry fees, car maintenance and tires, gas, not to mention travel expense, which could be as  little as $400 for a near race to $2K if I went to Savannah (which I did once a year).  

here is just a guess, at your friends expenses, based on 100K miles.  $40K in fuel, $5K in tires, $12K in engine, insurance maybe $5k, a brake job and other routine maintenance, monthly inspections $3k, AC maintenance $2K, that's $68K near enough.

I have a reserve, it's just a general reserve not a bus reserve.  I wrote a cheque last week for $20K for a new septic system for my house.  What's the difference between that and I don't know, a new transmission for my bus?  Maybe not $20K (if it is I need a new hobby) but I just write the cheque...and cry a little (give me a break, 20 grand to get rid of poop, that is wrong in so many ways...) No tax incentive to accrue for future expense if you can't write the expense off anyway...



On January 19, 2010 luvrbus said; Proably no use to you but Arrow leases their coaches for 500.00 a day for a 44 passenger coach with a 1.38 per mile for insurance and fuel plus if Arrow furnshes the driver it is 300.00 a day for him or her plus expenses. 

Does this mean that Arrow is making 70 cents per mile?   $1.38 - $0.68 = $0.70 per mile

That 1.38 is for cost only then you take the maintenance from the .70 cents probably were he is coming up with .68 cents these are 500,000 dollar buses they use he tell me 5% is a good profit for them after taxes but 5% is not all that bad on 25mil if you add the 500 bucks a day it is more than 1.38 per mile but one tire the 500 bucks is shot to hell.They make a lot more on their school bus operation than the coach service so he says

good luck


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