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Question: Should we have a For Sale section on this board  (Voting closed: April 22, 2006, 11:55:30 AM)
Yes, w/ $Flat fee over $50 - 8 (14%)
Yes, w/ % fee over $ 50 - 15 (26.3%)
Yes, No Fee - 29 (50.9%)
No, I use other sites - 1 (1.8%)
No! not on this board! - 4 (7%)
Total Voters: 51

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Author Topic: POLL- FOR SALE section!  (Read 9102 times)
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« Reply #15 on: April 16, 2006, 12:29:44 AM »

We get to vote in our republic/democracy.  It is part of our governmental system.  We supposedly chose what we want.

MAK's board is his, it is not government and it is not a republic or a democracy.

It the government were running this board, they would charge you to subscribe, charge you to post, charge school mitigation fees on what space we use on the board, and then charge sales tax on anything we sell.  We would need  a 'post'ing permit, a 'read'ing permit, etc.  But WE WOULD GET TO VOTE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR THESE FEES/PERMITS.

I'm not voting since I think we are better off with Mike's RULE!  I have no more right to tell him what to do in his business than he has to tell me what to do in mine. 

Let him make the decision.  Just remember that to collect $5 on a credit card, it will cost him $.50 plus staff time.  If I refuse to pay his charge on my credit card, his service provider will charge him a $25 'chargeback' fee.  And how many of these fees would it take to break him?  And that would possibly terminate this board.

I think ebay and BUSNUT on line provide the service the proponents want.  DON'T DO IT MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!! is my advice, but I won't be part of an anonymous vote instructing him on how to provide a free service to a community that loses him money every month.


« Reply #16 on: April 16, 2006, 03:57:15 AM »

A BUY-SELL-TRADE Section would be a great idea to fully help your members. If you charge, you will drastically reduce its use and therefore its effectiveness. The more you charge, the less effective it will be and will invite competition... It is only human nature at work here.
Why do you feel you need to charge the very members that have helped this site grow and become what it is today... ? ??
Remember... A website with no visitors or members is just a blank spot on some servers hard-drive...
But, Like you said.... the ultimate decision is yours....
IMO - Steve

I think a large part in offering any more constructive comments or votes is the Reason to Charge and I didn't get an answer to my question... "Why do you feel you need to charge the very members that have helped this site grow and become what it is today... ? ??"..."

This bulletin board program is a free download from Simple Machines http://www.simplemachines.org/ anyone can get it free, and it occupies space from only one directory [from 1,000's of possible ones] called bbs off of an already existing website http://www.busconversions.com/ that is and can be used for many other things...

So far the cost attributed to this BB is so very little, if anything at all.

So the next question is usage of the board... ie; bandwidth etc... I can see here that there is a direct cost that can be attributed to the use of this BB... but to create one more TOPIC within the many already existing ones here for a BUY-SALE-TRADE topic, again is virtually nothing in any ADDED cost.

So it puzzles me as to the reason for the charge at all... unless it would be in direct competition with something else going on within the other, already existing sections of http://www.busconversions.com/

Most BB's are totally free and are used by the main website as a "Lost-Leader" to generate new members and to grow in a friendly environment [Cost-Free]

So if your reason is solely based on cost to recover the Actual Added Usage this added topic would cost, [you did say that it would be fair] then there is a way to create an off-site topic just for BUY-SALE-TRADE that would not cost you a dime... not that I believe it would of cost more than a dime to allow it within here anyways... But it would certainly be far less strain and cost of any added bandwidth caused by those spammers over on your old board ever did...

IMO - Steve
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