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Author Topic: Timmonsville Photo's on line to wet your Pallet, More coming. Read Carefully  (Read 2212 times)
Gary LaBombard
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« on: October 10, 2006, 04:59:52 PM »

This was written the last night we were at Timmonsville and I did not know so many post were done explaining the fun we had so I will just shorten my text post and post some of the photo’s, I will work on the bus photo’s next but this should keep you all calm until I am done and I will post when the rest of the albums are done and indicate which one’s they are.  There should be a few laughs here until then.  I will still attach my original started text post also so here it goes.

Well, the Timmonsville Bus Gathering is all done until the next time which at this time is unknown.   It will take some time to stop thinking of the great time we had while here this past few days.  I will not go on and on about what you  missed if you were not here but again I will suggest that you take the time to consider attending one of these smaller more personal rally’s / gatherings for just some of the most fun you will have in a long time.   There was a lot of laughing going on because of antics that were done by many of us at the right time it seems and we all just relaxed and let our hair down and are so grateful to Dallas & Cat Farnworth for arranging this gathering  and making it possible for us all to enjoy for the 2nd. time this year.

Before getting into the events that we enjoyed at our Busnut Gathering I want to express thanks from us all that attended that made our trip all worth while and successful.

There were 22 buses that attended our gathering, and two drive in families that also attended without buses for one reason or other.  All the following thanks come from all of us that attended;  those being recognized now deserve so much more than just our thanks.

(1) Dallas & Cat Farnworth, (Timmonsville, SC) (AKA as “Dallas”) for arranging the possibility for us to get together and running transporting us all to markets, department stores, flea markets and every place we wanted to go.   We also thank you both for the food that you prepared for us for breakfast, (home made and store bought doughnuts) and coffee real early in the morning for us early birds.  We thank you for bringing our Women & ACE to the local Flea market for those hot deals.

(2) Richard & Janet Bowyer of (Spencer, West Virgina), (AKA as “Drivingmisslazy) for taking the time to make all the name tags for us all attending so we could learn who was who instead of relying on our memories, (I have none) and also glad they were able to attend even though they no longer have a bus they still have the desire to be with us Busnuts at special functions so they may meet us all not only on the Bulletin Boards but in person. 

(3) Gene & Francis Lewis, of (Buies Creek, NC) (AKA “Gene Lewis”) for all the hours doing the great, great job you did on the majority of the cooking done for us all.   There is not enough that could be said to express the gratitude we all feel to you in cooking for us all as you did and for becoming a very good friend to us all that never met you before.

(4) Bob & Jackie Wies, of (Franklin, NC) (AKA as “Ncbob”) for the huge endless supply of “Soft Drinks” (“Corona Extra”) that just lasted the entire weekend for as many people as was here.  This was truly above and beyond anything anyone would expect and we certainly will not forget you did this for us all.   We certainly hope you will again attend our next bus gathering.

(5) Jack Conrad, of (Arcadia, FL) (AKA as “Jack Conrad”) for putting on the seminar and installing the new locking mechanism on Jon & Mandy Morris’s entrance door of their (MC9) bus.  This was truly not a project to be started without some kind of instructions from a professional such as Jack offered us so we may tackle such a project, (and I have to) and I in particular appreciate all the time it took Jack to inform us all the right way to do the installation.

(6) Jr. & Terri Lynch of (Monroe, N.C.) (AKA as” NJT5047”) & John & Anita Bishop of Monroe, SC also for the great entertaining of the (Blue Grass Music) they did through out the entire weekend which was about as professionally performed as you could get.  I have to admit watching Anita, (AKA as Wyonna by me) sing and play that guitar that I just envied more than she knows.  We were all so glad that at the last moment John & Anita were able to attend.  If you need some professional entertainment, contact JR and I just know they will count the hours to go do their GIG at your request if they can.   You won’t be sorry!!

(7) Gospel singing group, (“Yielded”) of (Durham, NC) which performed great Gospel music for us after our supper.  They drove a long distance to perform for us and had to leave 5 AM the next morning to go to another location for an early morning performance.  We had such a great time fellowshipping with Karen, Karen & Connie before their set up.  You will not be sorry for having them also perform for you function.   

I should really give everyone special respect here on this list for all everyone has done to make our weekend such a success as we all did something special in one way or other.  The above mentioned deserve this special respect from me in particular and that to me is pricele$$.

Here is a condensed list of those attending, you will notice that most of them post on our favorite Busnut Bulletin boards from time to time and with photo’s I am also posting on my web site you will be able to put faces to names from here on out.  Again, if you were not at our function, you missed a good time.  Here is the names & Bulletin board names, (in no particular order), of other Busnuts we had the privilege to party with this weekend:
(1)  Jack & Paula Conrad, (Arcadia, FL)   (AKA “Jack Conrad”)
(2)  Jim & Josephine Robinson, (Full Timers, home is where they stop).   (AKA  “JJRBus”).
(3)  Bill & Roberta Glenn, (Seaford, Del),  (AKA as “HomeGrownDiesel”).
(4)  Mike Merril, Kathy Gray, (Virginia Beach, VA),  (AKA  “MikeH8H649”)
(5)  Ace Rossi & Susan Coker, (Lakeland, FL.),  (AKA  “ACE”) ++ (AKA “Sam Johnson”)
(6)  Al Kline & “Major” Kate Waldrop, (Fernandina Beach, FL.),  (AKA  “Pacoexpress”)
(7)  Jerry & Sharron Liebler, (Science Hill, KY.),  (AKA  “Jerry4107-1120”)
(Cool  Sam & Sandy Phillips, (Brooklet, GA.)   
(9)  JR. & Terri Lynch, (Monroe, NC)   (AKA “NJT5047”)
(10) John & Anita Bishop, (Monroe, NC) 
(11) Bruce Knee, (Harbenson, DEL.)   (AKA “BruceKnee”)
(12) Bob  & Jackie Wies, (Franklin, NC)   (AKA “NCBob”)
(13) Bill & Phyllis Haga, (Siler City, NC)   (AKA ”Piedmont760”)
(14) Richard & Janet Bowyer, (Spencer, WVA)  (AKA “DrivingMissLazy”)
(15) Mike Hill & Jay McKnight, (Chatoonoga, TN)   
(16) Ross Carlisle & “Buddy”, (Fulltimer, lucky Dogs).  (AKA “Ross”)
(17) Jon & Mandy Morris, (Taylors, SC).  (AKA “ NewbeeMC9”)
(18) Fred Brandt, Kyle & Nancy Brandt, (Greer, SC)   (Kyle known as “Kyle4501”)
(19) David Stallings & David Keywood, (Wilmington, NC)   (AKA “DavidinWilmNC”)
(20) Wyman Shull, (Wannabee) from (Columbia, SC)   
(21) Jerry Campbell, (Mooresville, NC)   (AKA “Jerry@NC”)
(22) Gene & Francis Lewis, (Buies Creek, NC)   (AKA “Gene Lewis”)
(23) “Yielded” gospel group, (Durham, NC).
(24) Dallas & Cat Farnworth, (Timmonsville, SC),   (AKA “Dallas”)
(25) Gary & Linda LaBombard, (Piedmont, SC)   (AKA as “Gary LaBombard”)

NOTICE: The following photo’s are only of our fun period and not much of the buses yet, I have to still do them but to feed your pallet here is something to make you laugh I am sure.  I will repost on the bulletin boards when all photo’s is completely submitted and what albums they are in so you can go right to them.

Here is a list of the Timmonsville Albums for you to view without having to go see all the other albums.  There is 26 albums altogether so this list should help you.  There is one album on page one and be sure to click on the page #2 album to see all the rest.
(#19) Album, Timmonsville, First Day Arrivals. (20 Photo’s)
(#20) Album, Timmonsville, Setting up Camp & Fellowshiping. (17 Photo’s)
(#21) Album, Timmonsville, Evening Entertainment.  (13 Photo’s)
(#22) Album, Timmonsville, Parked Buses  (7 Photo’s)
(#23) Album, Timmonsville, Girls Day out, + ACE at Flea Market & Guys at HD.  (5 Photo’s)
(#24) Album, Timmonsville, Funny Antics  ((13 Photo’s)
(#25) Album, Timmonsville, End of the Rally for the working people for but not for long.(4Photo’s)

I have been working on this since 8 am today and exhausted and my butt puckering.  I will continue tomorrow with all the bus photo’s, I will post on bulleting boards when this also is complete and the locations of them on my albums. Hope you enjjoy this.
Well to finish this post for the photo location to go to my web site at:

If anyone has any difficulty opening this up in their browser let me know by email at:

I hope you enjoy remembering our weekend that we will continue to do as as Cat & Dallas wish to organize for us.
Thanks again for becoming life long friends in the future with faces we will not forget, except for Sam Johnson’s!!  Payback Sam!!
Gary LaBombard
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Nick Badame Refrig/ACC
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Nick & Michelle Badame

« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2006, 06:06:15 PM »

Hi Gary,

I enjoyed all your hard work with your camra.

What an envaluable collection....


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