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Author Topic: 1983 Prevost Pictures  (Read 11230 times)
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« Reply #45 on: February 09, 2012, 12:10:17 PM »

OK well I lucked out. I now see how the reservoir works. Seems I used about 2.5 quarts of oil in 2100 miles. Where does the forward hose go?

I called Prevost to get a parts CD and found out the original purchaser - Holiday Tours in NC. I called Holiday Touts and spoke to Shannon (guy) in the garage and he was very nice and helpful. He went and looked up the bus by it's Holiday-designated number (505 in this case) and was able to tell me a few things. They purchased new and sold it on 11/11/05. It had the clutch replaced and engine rebuilt in 2002. It had $9500 worth of work done to the A/C in 2005. So fleet maintained records 1983>2005, then minimal use by band 2006>2008, and minimal use by race team 2009>2011.

You guys were right - the interior is a bunch of crap - probably the worst craftsmanship I have ever seen. It wouldn't have stayed together if the vehicle never moved. Cable, water, AC and DC and bundled together, through holes with no grommets. So it's all coming out. I figure since the water and power will originate in the center of the bus (rear bays), I can do the front half of the remodel, then the back without compromising the ultimate routing for wires and plumbing because there will be a T at the origin anyway. One side to front, one side to back.

I was thinking about running all the water on one side of the bus and all the power on the other, and run through the ceiling for DC lights on the water side.

If I keep the bus heat, has anyone ever built a wooden box down the side of the the bus and used it as ducting, but also run the pex inside it? To keep the water lines warm all the time?

The PO put down 1/2" plywood right over top of the tile floor and underlying 3/4" plywood. From inspection from inside the bays and what I can see where the floor has been cut, the original plywood is in good condition. Would you guys still remove it? What about the tile floor? Seems kind of like a sound barrier?

I've got three roof A/C units. I don't need three up here in Northern NY. I was dreaming about sky lights in their place - anybody done this?

Does anyone with a Prevost ever push out the windows for ventilation. I see the windows that would open, but don't want to start a leak if I bust a seal.

Thinking about removing the bus A/C to gain additional space in the bays. How do I keep just the defroster and driver area heat?

Is the blown-in yellow factory insulation in the ceiling and walls sufficient or do folks replace it with some other type?

The PO really liked to mount things through the roof of the bus. I counted 16 things up there, from A/C units to vents. I want to remove some of these things. What would be the best way to patch a hole in my roof?

Should I be starting a bunch of new threads so this info is more easily searched in the archives?


Nate Pelton
1983 Prevost LeMirage
North Creek, NY
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« Reply #46 on: February 09, 2012, 12:58:04 PM »

Hmmm.  The $9500 that was spent on A/C; was that referring to the air compressor, the over-the-road air conditioning? If it was the OTR air conditioning, I would think twice before junking it. My OT is in good condition and not costing a lot of $$ to maintain, so I love having it. Don't have to run a genny to power rooftop units while on the road. I could hang meat in there!
Sounds to me like you are using some sound reasoning on your project. Good luck!

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« Reply #47 on: February 10, 2012, 06:29:29 AM »

I have an 1989 Prevost that I am currently working on. I had the otr air rebuilt because I do not want to run generator while driving. What happens if the generator dies with no other backup air. The inside heats up real quick in summer. Been there. I sealed up all opening windows on drivers side. Three on passengers side will swing out as intended and I will be using roll up screens. We like fresh air when possible. My bathroom will be a side isle design with walk way to bedroom on passenger side. Two roof top air Penguin units with heat pump. I have built ducts on sides to carry otr air/heat to areas. Escape hatches are staying and will have a swing down screen door to open them to let out heat or open at night to enjoy the night air when possible. I will cut new openings for roof tops. Adding one power vent in bathroom for ventilation. I have the Splendid clothes washer and may put a small holding tank where the original toilet tank was on the chassis to hold the gray water from the washer. Haven't decide yet if this is what I want so just an idea right now. Kitchen will have a 24" propane 4 burner stove and oven with over the stove microwave vented outside to remove any odors. Water storage is two tanks 110 gal fresh and 110 black/gray. Gray in last bay, fresh water in middle bay with hot water heater and Proheat X45 unit. Diesel generator on drivers side first bay with separate fuel tanks for generator and Proheat. Passenger side of first bay will hold house battery bank and inverter. This is what I am going for on my conversions. Hope this helps some of your questions or gives you some ideas. Good Luck.

Steve Canzellarini
Berlin, CT
1989 Prevost XL
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« Reply #48 on: February 10, 2012, 06:39:20 AM »

Nate: new threads  would give you a better chance to explore each area. This one is getting a little long.  The archives are great source;but we need to revisit basics on occasion to discuss them. We all do our coaches differant with our usage in mind. I'm not a boondocker so I build differant. What little off grid I do I run Gen set.   Bob

Bob@Judy  98 XLE prevost with 3 slides --Home done---last one! SW INdiana
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