Right or left-hand rotation?

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craig if you are going to repower find youself a 6v92ta a 6v92n would not be a big improvement over a 8v71 and if its LH you have to get a RH crank and cams for the 92 engine

Jerry Liebler:
     I'm quite sure GM only used their Allison  automatics in 68 especially.  It's not very likely that the trans and engine were changed to an rh as this would involve modifications to the cradle.  It's not to practicle to rererse the rotation as it requires changing the cam drive gears and the camshafts. 
Jerry 4107 1120

Ummm, overlooking the transmisson problem,

There wasn't a 92 series in '68.

Be careful what you buy.  the valve covers and accessories on a 6V71 willl fit on a 6V92 and the same goes for a 8V71/8V92. Including the valve covers.

I'm not certain about the 6V92, but the 8V92 is only about an inch longer than the 8V71. The surest way to tell for certain is to get the serial number and carry it to your favorite high dollar engine mfg, or email it to DDA or simply call Detroit.

If you buy without checking, I have a really good 46 chev school bus I can let you have for a little bit of nothing! It has a factory original RTOO 14613 and a 16V53!  Just make me an offer!

I wouldn't sh*t ya, your one of my favorite tu*ds!

                        :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Craig R:
Thanks loads! Every one of you guys is a peach; You're a whole flat of peaches! Especially you, Dallas. That '46 skoolie sounds like just the thing to haul tourists around the Brooklyn Bridge -- I bought THAT last week. Would you consider a timeshare on an Arizona oceanfront in trade?

I'm not replacing an 8V71, Luvrbus. I was pushing my tubular home around with a 6V71.

How about the Allison VR-730 & VR-731 mated to an RH engine, Jerry? Would that require cradle modification?

You can mate the VR-731 to either the Cummins ISM or Detroit series 50.  With the ease at which a Detroit 8V-71 can be reversed (the only thing you have to replace is the oil pump), don't EVER use an 8V-71 right hand with the reverser VR-731-it just doesn't make sense.  Since the VR-731 is longer with its' reversing gear, you'd have to modify the engine mounts.  Good Luck, TomC


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