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Author Topic: tire wear, suspension snd alignment question  (Read 1499 times)
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« on: July 28, 2013, 02:55:58 PM »

I need some help here

I am pretty sure the tires had even wear when I bought the bus a year ago(I can not prove this though, this one looked good at a glance) [I have put maybe 1500 miles on it so far)

drivers side  (notice wear inside and cupping probably from the shock issue I had)

passenger side

I jacked up bus and using indicators and magnetic bases and big pry bars I checked out:

king pins- turned both ways and straight ahead no play (maybe .001 or so...they were tight)

I cleaned everything and greased them top and bottom as well as the slack adjusters

I checked tie rod it was tight and no movement (it did "swivel" awful easy between the spindles I thought)

I lowered it back down and checked for play in the 2 draglink joints (they were tight) as wife turned steering a little each way

Wheel bearings felt tight at 12/6 and 3/9 positions and rolled very freely

+++++++++++++HERE IS MY ONLY ISSUE I FOUND++++++++++++

We could not get a good true3 and 9 o'clock position measurement when checking the toe (I mainly wanted to see if it was close)
It wanders badly above 50 mph

The rear at about 4 o'clock was 77-3/4 inches and the front at about 8 o'clock WAS 78-1/4 !!

I know this is ball park but damn...~1/2 of toe out I would like to see about 1/16 toe-in personally (we measure twice same results and tires are not that out of round etc)

My wife and I regularly eye ball tape measure toe on Isuzoos and it works

So would this cause this wear? maybe it was being dragged when wandering?

Never the less I need to get the toe adjusted (wish there was less crap in the way...tranny, exhaust cross members  Cheesy


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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2013, 04:19:25 PM »

That's a lot of toe out.  The tie rod link should really not be able to be move "easily" by hand.  I'd get both looked at.  I would also check that the steering box is centered and the drag link is good.  When you adjust the toe it's easy to get the steering box off-center if you bias it one way or the other.  The correct way is to center the steering box, set the driver's side toe to the chassis by adjusting the drag link, then set the passenger side toe to the chassis by adjusting the tie rod.


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