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Author Topic: Anybody set up a media server in their bus?  (Read 4301 times)
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« Reply #15 on: July 13, 2014, 01:43:11 PM »

2 things--
fine on the inverter
Back in the 80's a burglar stole my brand new Amiga 2500 but could not get the cable to the monster external hard disk untangled so none of my  impossible to replace data was lost.  Ever since Ihave been a believer in external drives so the number of drives in the box takes second place to external connections such as USB-3.

Second, choice of storage servers depends on your other devices. My laptop is a Mac, my phones and tablets are mixed Treo/iPad/Android.  my server, storage hub and Wifi hub is an AppleTime Capsule with added external drive.  Managing it from my laptop or iPad is easy -- Much easier than anything mentioned above.  So if you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac to manage it from, the Time Capsule is a competitively priced easier to use alternative.  And the true techies can always drop down to the underlying BSD Unix command line (grin).


edit -- the Time Capsule works fine on the inverter & I can move it back and forth so I don't have any syncronization hassles.
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« Reply #16 on: July 13, 2014, 04:46:42 PM »

Dear Friends,

I am thinking about the idea of setting up a media server to make audio/video/PDF/E-books available to my family on the road, especially when we are many hours away from the nearest television signal. I am thinking I can select several dozen of our favorite movies, for example, and rip them from the legally-purchased DVDs into MP4 files, and do the same with a good chunk of our legal music collection. Maybe even a few games? Hey: How about the Detroit Diesel manuals on file (PDFs) for when needed? Then those on board can access what they want via wifi o their tablets or smart phones.

Yes: I am nuts! 


Any ideas?

Being solo, I don't have much use for a media server.  I have set them up at nightclubs i've owned so that the upstairs could share with the downstairs.
I just use my (Mac) laptop and some hard drives (well..16TB of hard rives).  I use a 48" flatscreen as my monitor and stream video to my devices using a product called "air server".  There is probably something similar for PC's.

So yeah, been doing it that way for years both in my house, and now my rig.  All media gets ripped to drives, I watch movies on the flatscreen as well as computer work (like typing this).  PDF's....you betcha... thousands. 

I'm going to move up from a 48" to a 60" flatscreen in the rig so I can work on the computer from the bed (ie..7' away).   It's a little small right now.

I can't imagine doing it any other way.
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