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Author Topic: Computer instructions for "Computer Newbies", very boring to those versed  (Read 1309 times)
Gary LaBombard
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« on: September 05, 2007, 12:15:02 PM »




                                                                         LESSON #1

I am submitting this information today to let you know I am assembling and documenting information to help anyone who is not real computer savvy and I am probably showing you things you already know so if this information is not needed by you I suggest so you do not get bored with my post that you go onto other submitted post on the bd.
I will be submitting much information as I get it documented, I hope you can print it out on your computers, if you do not know how for sure, I will write that tomorrow and submit it for your to copy and paste only information that you want to keep.  Today’s lesson is how you can make files to store this information from in the future as I submit it and also how to make files for anything you wish to organize in your computer.

You will be able to print this first lesson as it will be the first one listed on the MAK board with no comments at the top of it, now I have no control for any comments added after I submit this but with lesson #2 you will be able to copy and paste any instructions and eliminate any comments left by others.  Some may be real helpful, use them if you wish, but try not to get confused from my simplicity with future lessons I will submit.  I am submitting this at (Kindergarten Level) they say but it is to make it easier for those with hardly any computer skills at all and want to know how to surf, copy and files stuff they do want with some degree of confidence, not confusion.   
This is actually the beginning point of our computer training and we will also learn to download photos and many other things as I get the time to document as we go along.  Remember if you can not print this out to view and read, save it on your computer incase you lose it and I will try to submit to you tomorrow instructions on how to view and save text from most websites and bb’d’s.
Here is your first computer training lesson, “INTENDED ONLY FOR COMPUTER NEWBIE’S”
                               "SETTING UP "MY DOCUMENTS" FOLDERS ON YOUR COMPUTER"

                                                        #1 TRAINING PROCEDURE

The following training will be your whole starting point in this training, you may already know how to do this and if so then you can skip the next subject.

After starting up your computer you will go in as I recommend cleaning up things you did not know how to file or where to file them so we will go slow, I will try my hardest not to get you confused.

Remember, this is just one simple set of instructions I offer as a guide, (there is many more ways to do things I will train you on) but this will make it easier for you to feel comfortable using your computer and here is what you will learn today:

How to clean up and organize Your (“My Documents”) computer files.
Lesson plan below.You will do the following at your leisure

(1)   Make folders in your (“My Documents”) location on your computer.
(2)   Move “sub” folders from one location to be located within another folder. 
(3)   How to make sub folders within Main Folders.
(4)   Move your “Loose” documents just dropped inside of your Documents folder and locate them in direct folders to organize your Documents and you will see how easy it will be to relocate them when needed.
(5)    Rename any folder in “My Documents” anytime that may better suit the files that are contained in it. 

The above training subjects will be instructed in this same order and the heading names will be the same as the subject above to be discussed.

#1 Make Folder in Your (“My Documents”) computer files.

(1)     Go to “Start” button on the bottom computer task bar and left click..
(2)     On the open menu go up to the top, left click (“My Documents”) from the menu that showed up, this will open a page with the folders in it.
(3)     You will see manila colored files that resemble regular manila folders.
(4)     There may be photo’s here, letters you wrote and wanted to save and an array of stuff that is just cluttering up your “My Documents” page, your desk top or any place on your computer.   
(5)     Study all the files and everything in front of you in  the “My Documents” page which may be long and using the scroll button on the right of this page will allow you to see the documents etc. that is hidden or maybe you have too many of to see in one view without scrolling down.
(6)     Use a paper and pencil to list a few of subjects that may be a good locator for several subjects on this “My Documents” page for training or use the following hypothetical names I will suggest below.  I will list a few hypothetical names for folders for training and assuming you are a bus nut for this exercise so you can relate to what I am trying to teach you.

     a.      Bulletin Board threads written by me, meaning (You as the Author).

     b.      House Refinance letters written to your bank as if you wrote on or more   concerning this subject..

     c.      Information from Gary LaBombard about computers This is as if you had downloaded information about my bus on your computer and do not know what to do with it.

I just had to include information from me as an example to you for your training so that you will learn how to set up folders in your “My Documents” section of your computer.  Now you have to know you can actually store everything you wish in “My Documents” but again this is not recommended after learning to computer surf for you stuff.   There is other area in your storage compartments to isolate your photos from your documents, your music from all the other folders etc.  Simple organization is what we are looking to do here.

We want to assume you have a lot of documents  or files in “My Documents” page and letters about refinancing and bulletin board information about “The Rustless Money Pit” are all over the lot in that page. 

We are now going to make (3) new folders in “My Documents” that will get you started to organize you’re “My Documents” page with the same names as above to organize all the stuff pertaining to these 3 folders.


(1)   Any place in the “My Documents” page move your arrow of your mouse to a blank area of this page.  Just do not have the mouse arrow on anything, no folders, no text, absolutely nothing but a small blank area.    
     a.      Right click once in this blank area, you will get a small box or Menu.
     b.      Scroll down inside of this box to the word “New” and then slide your arrow over to the other box that just opened with another menu, this will sometimes be on the right or left of the “New” menu box.
     c.      When you slide over and left click on the (Manila Looking Folder) icon a folder will immediately & automatically show up in the “My Documents” page and at the bottom of this new folder  there will be blue box with text in it that says, (“New Folder”) and this “New Folder” will be flashing.  This means that you have the opportunity to rename this Folder as the computer does not know what is going in this folder or what name you want it to be.
     d.      While this blue “New Folder” box is flashing, start to type using your key board, don’t worry about where it will type on the screen, the test will be submitted in the “New Folder” page, so type in the words (Bulletin Board Threads written by me).  Do not use parenthesis, just type in Bulletin Board Threads written by me.  You can use capitals in areas you wish.  Sometimes you may use a symbol like (* ) and I am not sure of all of the symbols not allowed in file names but you will get a message saying this is illegal and not able to rename this folder using these certain symbols if you do this.  Don’t worry; you are alright just do the following to correct.  Make sure what ever file name you choose in the future does not have any special symbols in them as the computer runs on symbols and you gave it a command by using it to do something you will not like if it does.  So remember this little note.
     e.      After typing in the name, Bulletin Board Threads written by me, put your mouse pointer any blank place in the “My Documents” page again as you did earlier.  Right click only once!
     f.        The new file name you typed, Bulletin Board Threads written by me will be ratified as being the new name of this file and look like a normal file.
     g.      Don’t worry at this time the files you are now making we will delete, remember this is only a training exercise we are doing.  Another note you must remember is that you can rename any file, any time you wish and will in the future to further suit the intention of the information you store inside of it.   

“Procedure to change the names on files any time you wish”

(1)     Right click once the manila colored file you wish to change the name on. 
(2)     Scan down inside of the window that just opened till you come to the words, (Rename). Left click once.
(3)     The text in the folder you want to rename will again be flashing in blue, just type the name you want to replace the flashing name with as you did above.
(4)     After typing in the new folder name, move your mouse arrow in a blank area in this “My Documents” window and Left click it to ratify the new name and you are done.  Change any folder to what you want doing this procedure.  Now wasn’t that simple??

This is enough for lesson #1 I want you to train from.
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Gary LaBombard
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« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2007, 12:20:12 PM »


Thanks, Gary

                                                             LESSON #2

                                            #2 TRAINING FOR COMPUTER NEWBIES


NOTE: This training exercise will allow you to copy anything I write on this bulletin board now and you can file it in a file you will make in ”MY Documents” section of your computer.

This training I offer you will take much time to assemble, again I will make it as simple to understand as possible for anyone to follow, I hope. All this information is not intended to be the only way things can be done, with experience you will naturally want to explore other ways to do things and get short tips from others to surf and do what I am trying to teach you here, so do not think this is the only way to use your computer.  Purchasing a copy of (Computer Use for Dummies) at a book store will also help you for sure but I have trouble digesting that stuff and hope I am making it easier for you here now.  Perhaps getting the above book and reading it after we work together here on computer basic’s you will be able to read and understand other ways the author recommends getting around on your computer.  I still haven’t read my copy yet!!!

With these posts on the MAK bd there may be additional comments and suggestions made by other posters that you do not want to copy on your files or really do not need, well you will have the opportunity to copy out and print what you want by using a copy and paste method that many do not how to use.  This method will one day be a very, very important feature you will appreciate.

You will have to have some kind of computer office writer program or word pad program on your computer and they will be found by doing the following. If you do not see a program mentioning office works etc. on your desk top from the computer manufacturer then go do the following to see what you have to work with.

NOTE #1: From here on out I will list steps to do, but not number them #1, #2 etc.  I will put commands like this with a slash symbol after each step; this means the same thing as steps #1, #2 etc.  I will give you an example of this from here on out and also I will list it like I normally do this time but it will be easier for me to shorten up the computer commands and easier and more understandable to you also if I want you to do everything in short steps without being redundant in my explanations.  NOTE #2, if I want you to (RIGHT) click anything I will say, RIGHT CLICK then in my commands.  If I do not say this, assume I want you to left click.  BUT, if I forget to do this and you cannot get the instructions to do as I ask by left clicking, try the right click.  I will screw up trying to remember all this you know so don’t lose your patience on me.

(1)   Left click Start
(2)   Move your mouse pointer on “My Programs” on bottom of page
(3)   Search the Menu Box opened up for anything mentioning Microsoft Office or Microsoft Works. 
(4)   Left click on Microsoft Office or what ever you have.
(5)   Microsoft office will open, and it will have a blank page in it on your screen. 
Now you know you have a place to put your copied text and feel confident you can.  Here are the same commands without explanations that I want you to get used to so I can make these post shorter.

Commands to click on after each slanted division between them that mean the same thing as the commands numbered above.
(Start / “My Programs” / Microsoft Office or words program to see blank page.)
I hope you can follow this; my command list may be much longer now so do one left click at a time and you will get it.  See how much shorter this will be now that you will be using it?  Well now you know you have a program to install your (copy & Paste) items on to.

                                 "HOW TO SELECT & COPY TEXT INFORMATION OFF THE INTERNET"

(1)   Decide what information only you want to copy.
(2)    Move mouse pointer at the top of the text to be copied, hold down your left click button and move your pointer downward toward the bottom of the text you want to copy.
(3)    Stop your mouse pointer where you want the copy to stop.  Remove your finger off the left clicker of mouse.
(4)   Right click on your chosen text any place on hi-lighted text you just chose. A menu box will come up.  Select the word (COPY).  Your hi-lighted text will be stored someplace through the mouse to your computer waiting for you to (Paste) it someplace.  NOTE: if you need to copy more than one thing you can only copy one selection of text at a time and have to paste it in a word program to save it.  If you do paste this copied text on a program you will lose it the moment you choose to COPY anything else.  So don’t get in a hurry, do this in the steps I outline.
(5)   Now minimize your internet window you copied from to the bottom of the computer screen to minimize clutter in front of you.  If your Microsoft Word program is not on your computer desk top, do as I had you do with your new commands to get to your Microsoft Word program.
     (Start / “My Programs” / Microsoft Office or words program to see blank page.)
(6)   You will now have a blank page, put your mouse pointer anyplace on this 
Page and right click once, select the word (PASTE). You will now see your test you selected to copy in your new Microsoft word program ready to save or print or edit before saving etc.  The list is endless what you can do right now nearly.  But for training purpose, you want to save all my text you just selected off the MAK / BNO bulletin board.
(7)   You can now select to print this page out but I want you to save it in a folder that I have had you make in your “My Documents” part of your computer.
(Cool   You will now go to the top left hand side of your tool bar and select the word (FILE).  Move your mouse button down to the word (SAVE AS). Click this and a menu box again will open.
(9)   The (SAVE AS) menu box will open, there will be a small window at the top of this menu box, on the right hand side of this box is a button that is a browse button that will let you choose where you want to save this text to.
(10)select the file in your (MY DOCUMENTS) area that you earlier made to store the information from Gary at. 
(11)Choose a name for this file, such as what it is, (How to Copy off the Internet).  That will help you find this information again in the future and also help you locate it to send to others who may need it.  This is what I want you to do with any information I submit and you copy and you find it works good for you. Click (SAVE).  You will see your copied file placed in the new folder you made with the name for all this text training data I am giving you all in one place, all named as you get it and now you can choose to print this out after opening up your Microsoft program any time you want also or you can open it now after SAVING it and print out what I have submitted now.  The choice is yours, it is now on your computer good and save and ready for you to use or study if you need to.

Here is what you have learned in two Long posts that no one can take away from you.  Remember, you will want to find other ways to do these things, this tool I now offer you is to help you get started with confidence, print out these instructions, put them in a folder near your computer and your computer books and use them for a reference if you need to.  Here is what you learned today!!  It looks pretty impressive for a Newbie to be able to do all the below functions of this training.

(1)   How to make new folders in your (My Documents) section of computer.
(2)   How to name your folders or change the names of them if you wish.
(3)   How to select text off a web page or bulletin board post to save for your self on your computer.
(4)   How to copy the text only that you wish off a web page or bulletin board post.
(5)   How to paste your text you just copied off the internet onto your Microsoft office program.
(6)    How to save this text in a folder you made special in your (My Documents) section of your computer.
(7)   How to name your copied text to be able to have some idea of what you just saved by the name you gave it to be used as a reference in the future when you want to locate it. This accomplishment section you should be proud of mastering when you do it a couple of times, we will continue to expand on some of this in later post but this should help you get started.  Saving photos will be pretty similar in your (MY PICTURES) section of your; computer also as you just did here for your text files but we will get to that very soon.
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« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2007, 03:37:00 PM »

                                                          Lesson #3

WARNING: This computer training information is intended for Computer Newbie’s only, it will be boring to read to those versed in computer usage and language.

The following training is incorporated with your (“My Documents”) section of your computer.  This lesson is intended to teach you to make sub folders into your main folders as this will allow you to fine tune each folder to have it’s own section for certain things you do not want mixed together, (If that makes any sense)??  Bear with me and you will see what I mean.

What I want to mention here is that what you are learning here for your (“My Documents”) folders will also be nearly the same procedure you will use to save photos and sort them, label them etc.  So what you learn here now will make it easier for you to train on other things also.

I will try to incorporate the use of the shorter version of giving you clicking commands for you to use without all the use of a lot of explanation if I can.  We will see, I am not that versed at writing instructions either you know but trying to do my best.

                                                                LESSON #3

(1)   Start / My Documents / Information from Gary LaBombard about computers
(2)   After doing the above commands here is explanation on what we are going to do.  We will be inserting new blank folders inside the (MAIN FOLDER) of your (My Documents) section of your computer.  You will learn that you can further fine tune your text information, photos etc. into other folders to find easier later on if you want to. 
(3)   What you will be doing is exactly like you did originally to make the (Main Folders) on lesson #1.  But now we will continue to make more of them within each other.  You will see, hang in there with me.
(4)   The folder-(Information from Gary LaBombard about Computers) is now open but has nothing in it right!!  Well, right click on any place after opening this folder as you did on you’re My Documents page.  Here are the quick commands.
Information from Gary LaBombard about computers / “Right Click” on blank area of page / Select New Folder / Take & Rename the new folder-How to make My Documents file / left click empty space to ratify new folder name.
(5)   You should now have one new folder within your Main Folder right??
(6)   Now I want you to make another folder within this folder to further reduce where this document can be sent to for saving.   NOTE: if you can use your back space arrow on the top of the menu tool bar after making this second folder back up one click at a time to see your two folders now as you back up just like in a garage.  Don’t worry; this will become clearer in a little bit.  Hang in there with me.  I want you now to make one more folder within the 2nd folder with a more condensed name only to give you the exercise of doing it and then it will become clear and simple to do from here on out.  Here are your commands if you are still on the 2nd new file and you ratified the new name of it after changing it.  In fact, I want you to get out of this program and follow my commands again to get the exercise of doing this once more.
(7)   Start / My Documents / Information from Gary LaBombard about computers / How to Make My Documents file    Then I want you to right click a blank space on this page again, select (NEW / Folder) from the menu / hi-light the file and change the name from (New Folder) to how to make sub folders.

Now you have two sub-folders within your main folder of your (MY Documents) section of our computer.  Again, remember, you will do nearly the same thing to save your photos in folders also and be able to keep them sorted.

Here is your exercise, I want you to copy this text from the MAK post which is the #3 exercise and put it into the last folder we just made after you paste it into your Microsoft program.  You will feel you accomplished a lot after you do this and believe me you did.   These would be the commands as I can remember it that you will have to do or there close by it.  I am getting tired also but you will get it.

Here are you approximate commands to use to complete this exercise:
#1 MAK board / Computer Instructions for “Computer Newbie’s” / #3 Instruction-How to make a sub-bolder within folders to organize files / COPY / Microsoft word program / new folder in Microsoft word program if it does not go to it on it’s own automatically / Paste / Save As from left menu / locate (My Documents) 3rd folder from menu / Name this document what you want (#3 instructions if you want) or what ever / save and you are done.  This will get easier but remembering or marking down the files you have until you are at ease with this stuff will help.  Do the simple stuff I ask of you and then go on from there after you make no mistakes, you will have graduated from  this exercise, congratulations!!
Phew, I’m tired out
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« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2007, 08:00:42 PM »


If you don't mind I only want to make one comment about this...

Good job!
Gary LaBombard
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« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2007, 06:39:55 AM »

                                                        LESSON #4

This is a very lengthy boring instruction on how to file your photos that you have downloaded onto your computer and you have no idea where to put them or how.  Again this will be boring to those that are versed on computers already, please go on to other post and enjoy other comments pertaining to buses and have a good time.  This is not fun anymore to me but I am one determined Frenchman that wants to help encourage those that I wish someone had done for me many years ago.

Good Luck students.  Also, some of the things you will now do like make folders you alread have learned in making folders in your ("My Documents") section of your computer so you will breeze right through this lesson I believe and not have to refer to these instructions very much but you got them if you need them. 

                                                              LESSON #4


This is only a few ways to do thing now and I have been thinking all night how to simplify all I want to teach you.  After learning these procedures you will be encouraged to try short cuts you will learn and try on your own and if they don’t work, then you can revert back to these instructions and continue what you want to do with  your photos.

The first thing for your photos only we will do is learn how to make Main folders and Sub folders.  The Main folders will have the name in your (My Pictures) section of your computer to organize your photos now and in the future. Discontinue putting your photos all over the lot in computer, organize and simplify their storage and you will always be able to find them when needed like now.  The Main folder is the “Main” location of the Sub folders for instance.
(1)   My bus conversion photos
(2)   Travel photos
(3)   Bus rally photos
(4)   Garden photos
(5)   Family photos
This is an example of the (“Main”) photo files we will work with for practice.   Now, under the same above (“Main”) folders we will make many (“Sub Folders”) to actually make storage areas for the photos in your camera you want to put in your computer.  There is no limit to the number of (“Sub”) folders that you can make, this makes sorting out the photos easier as you will see into categories that you can quickly find and not have to look at several photos to find an area you need to see.  Here is the Sub folders that we will work with that will be in the Main folder as above.  We will use the same 5 main folders above for practice to get you started.  Now you can also continue to fine tune your photos by making more sub photo files inside the (Sub Folders) as many times as you wish as you will see below to even more fine tune your photos for locating.

(1) My bus conversion photos,  (“Main folder”)
     a. Engine Compartment, (“Sub Folder”) Engine compartment photos only.
          i.   Engine cradle modifications  (Sub-sub folder)
          ii.   Air dryer relocation   (Sub-sub folder)
         iii.   Fuel filter relocation   (Sub-sub folder)
     b. Bogie wheel air bag installation (Sub-folder)
     c. Drive wheel modification (Sub-folder)

(2) Travel Photos (“Main Folder”)
     a. Quartzite Montana (“Sub- folder”)
     b. Tucson Arizona (“Sub- folder”)
     c. Gary’s house (“Sub -folder”)
(3) Bus Rally photos (“Main folder”)
     a. Arcadia, FL, 2005 (“Sub folder”)
     b. Flywheelers, 2005 (“Sub folder”)
     c. Oregon bus rally 2006, (“Sub folder”)
(4) Garden photos, (“Main Folder”)
     a. Patty’s roses, (“Sub Folder”)

(5) Family photos, (“Main folder”)
     a. Franks , (“Sub folder”)  made up this name
     b. Kathys, (“Sub folder”) made up this name also
     c. Grandkids, (“Sub folder”)

Ok now this is the names of Main & Sub folders as above we will work with.  You can name them anything you wish but this way we can work together till you learn how to do this as simply as I can.

Now lets go to (“My Pictures”) section in computer. 
(1) Click “Start”
(2) Select Left click (“My Pictures”)
(3) Put your cursor anyplace  that is blank in this window not on any files or anything and (“right”) click .
(4) A menu will come up, scroll down to the word (“New”), another menu will show up when your cursor is on the word New, slide over to this menu and “Left” click (Folder).
(5) When a new folder is created in the (“My PIctues” window the bottom of the new folder will be in blue letters. This gives you an opportunity to name this file to what you want or it will say “new folder” forever and when you make a new one it will make a “new folder #2”.  Now we want to get in the habit of naming all our folders as above again. NOTE; you can change the names of your folders at any time you wish, all you have to do is put your cursor over the file you wish to change the name on, left  single click it to highlight it, then a menu will come up and you scroll down to the word (“Rename”) and put in your new name.  To activate this file after renaming your file just left click anyplace in this window but not on anything, it has to be a blank area to activate.  Then your new name will show up on our file until you change it again.

Now we are going to make the Main & Sub files in the (“My Pictures”) window per the instructions above this using (#1- #5).  Assuming you are in the (“My Pictures”) window do the following now;
(1) Right Click anyplace blank area of window
(2) Left click “New” on menu
(3) Left click “Folder” on menu
(4) After “New” folder is made, type in the first (“Main”) folder name we will now work with.
         a.   (“My bus conversion photo’s”) ,Now left click any blank area in this window to activate this file into your new name, My bus conversion photos.

Now I want you to stay in this (“My pictures”) window and make six more folders exactly the same way but with different names as I will list below but are going to correspond with the selections of sub and sub-sub folder I gave you to work with at the beginning of this instructions.  Make all your new files as you just did in (“a”) above and name the files like this below when they do not have a name as yet.
(1) Engine Compartment
(2) Engine cradle modifications
(3) Air dryer relocation
(4) Fuel filter relocation
(5) Bogie wheel air bag installation
(6) Drive wheel modification

All the files now will be in a row in this window I believe, now this is what I want you to do with these files to organize them simply to find etc.
The (“Engine Compartment”) is going to be your (“Sub File”) for the following (sub-sub files)
(1) Take your cursor, put it on (“Engine Cradle Modifications”) (sub-sub) file, hold down the left clicker, drag this file over to the “Sub” folder (“Engine Compartment”) folder and drop the folder in this sub file, just let go of the clicker.  Click on this (“Engine Compartment”) folder to see if it shows the sub file inside, (Engine Cradle modifications).  If so then you are doing great!!
(2) Take your cursor, put it on (“Air dryer relocation”) in the ”My Pictures” window and do the same as above, Left click this file, drag it over to the (“Engine Compartment”) folder, and let it go into the “Engine Compartment sub file.
(3) Take your cursor, Put it on (“Engine Cradle modifications”) in the “My Pictures window and do the same as above also, left click this file, drag it over to the (“Engine compartment”) folder, and let it go into the “Engine compartment sub file.  Click on the “Engine Compartment) sub file and you will see the sub files contained in your sub file.
(4) Now the last step for these files, hold down as you left click on your sub file, (“Engine Compartment”) sub-folder, now drag this sub folder over as you have above and release the left click button to drop this folder with your sub-sub folders in it into the 1st main file you have (“My bus conversion photo’s”)!!  If you double left click on your main folder now it will show all your (“Sub folders”) in a new window with the names of the new file names you just made.  To get to the (“sub-sub”) files which is (Engine Cradle Modifications, Air dryer Relocation, Fuel Filter Relocation you have to double click on the sub folder (Engine compartment) and then the sub folders will be visible to open by left clicking on them.  All this will take practice but following these instructions right to the letter one at a time will build your confidence and then you will get a simple system that you will not have to think long to remember how to do in the future.

Now make another (“New”) main folder in the (“My Pictures”) window off your “Start” button on left side of computer and do as you did above and I will list it again her but not explain it all over again. This is to give you practice and confidence to make files that will greatly help you locate your photos quickly.

(1) Make “New” Main folder and name it as above (“Travel Photos”)
(2) Make “New” sub folders and name  as above them:
a. Quartzite, Montana
b. Tucson, Arizona
c. Gary’s house

Now take and drag as above one at a time the files you just made, (Quartzite, Montana), (Tucson, Arizona) & (Gary’s house) and drop them into your new main folder, (“Travel photos).  Double left click on your main folder, (“Travel Photos) and your sub folders will be visible ready for photos to be installed in them.

Now make a new “Main” folder in the “My Pictures” window, (“Bus Rally photos”) as you have been doing above and rename the new folders as I list them again here and had above also. 

a. Bus Rally photos
b  Arcadia, FL, 2005
c. Flywheelers, 2005
d. Oregon bus rally, 2006

Now take and drag the “Sub Folders” (Arcadia,Fl), (Flywheelers, 2005), (Oregon Bus rally, 2006) and drop them into your main folder (“Bus Rally Photos).  Double left click this main folder, (“Bus Rally photos”) to be sure your sub-folders are in your main folder and ready for insertion of your photos for these files.

Now do the same for procedure in (“My Pictures”) window and make another “New” main folder, (“Garden Photos”) and make a sub folder named
a. Patty’s roses
Now drag (“Patty’s roses”) and drop it into the “main folder” (“Garden Photo’s).  Double left click on the main folder, (“Garden Photos”) and you should see your sub folder name Patty’s Roses.

This same procedure is done in the future now for all photo files, like the Family photos etc. I will not make you make anymore folders now but you should get the idea now after all this exercise but this is the easiest way to learn and get confidence to do this at least this way it works and you can experiment in other ways on your own and you will in time also.

Now we will take your photos as you have them all over and Copy them into the right folders, I will copy them rather than “Move” them so that if you make any mistakes you will still have your photos on your computer.  I will make the simplest steps I know for you to follow and then you can experiment with confidence to find other ways to do the same thing.  You will probably have to use pencil and paper to keep the photo locations you now have on your computer address so that you can find them but after you put them in correct files you will no longer have to do this to find them.

I want you to find a photo to work with that has something to do with the first main folder we are practicing here with that has to do with your Engine Compartment.  Find any engine compartment photo in your existing photos now, write down the file location of this photo in case you lose it in the shuffle here.
Follow these instructions to work with one photo now and I will tell you later how to copy many photos and label that instruction how to do.  Keeping it simple here is what I want you to do after locating a photo you have on your computer.

(1) Locate a photo on your computer that has to do with the engine cradle to practice with so everything stays uncomplicated, write down the location of it from your computer to find if needed again.
(2) Left click this photo to highlight it.
(3) The menu window on the left of your screen will open, left click on the words (“Copy this Photo”).
(4) A “Copy this” window will open
(5) Scroll down in this window to see if there is a file named (“My Pictures”)
(6) If there is not a file with this name, scroll to (“My Documents”), then scroll to find (“My Pictures”) file and left click it.
(7) Left click on the (“Bus Conversion Photos”) file.  There should be a (+) sign next to this “Bus Conversion Photo” name file indicating that there is other sub or sub-sub files contained in this main file.   
(Cool Click on this (+) sign and another file will open with all the sub file name (“Engine Compartment”). 
(9) Left click on (“Engine Compartment”) file and all your sub-sub file names will be visible.
(10) Left click on (“Engine Cradle Modifictions”) file.
(11) Left click on the word, (“Copy”) on the bottom of the window.  The photo will then “Copy” over to the photo file you selected, (Engine Cradle modifications).
(12) Click on the (“Back”) arrow on the top of the (“My Picture”) window which will bring you to the window having all your photo file albums. 
(13) To Locate your “Copied” photo in it’s new file do this:
     a. Find and left click on the main folder, (“My Bus conversion photos)
     b. Left click on this folder to open to sub folder (Engine Compartment)
     c. Left click on this folder to open to sub-sub folder (Engine cradle modifications).  Your engine photo cradle photo should be here to view. 

This is the procedure to do for every one of your photos you want to relocate or I mean to “COPY” and not lose your original. When you are satisfied all your photos are save you can delete all the older folders and not get messed up or just take and drag them all to a folder and label it (Extra Photos) to get rid of any clutter in your computer.


 Here is the procedure to copy more than one photo from the same folder into another new folder.  Again experience will allow you to find other ways also but this is the simplest way to do what you need right now.

(1) Open the file with the photos you want to “copy” to your newly re-named photo files for locating.
(2) Left click the first photo you want to “copy”, this should be highlighted.
(3) Press down and hold the (“Control”) key on the left of your keyboard.  Keep holding down this key.
(4) Move your cursor along your photos to select you want to “Copy” from your old file to your new and as you see the photos you want to “COPY” left click it and it will also be highlighted with the first one.  Do this for every photo in this same album you want to copy from.
(5) When you have located all the photos you want to copy and have selected them using the control key and cursor, release the control key carefully and do hit any other keys as yet.
(6) Left click the word (“Copy”) on the bottom of this screen and the photos will be copied over to your new file.
(7) Click on the (“Back”) arrow on the top of the (“My Picture”) window which will bring you to the window having all your photo file albums. 
(Cool To Locate your “Copied” photos in it’s new file do this:
     a. Find and left click on the main folder, (“My Bus conversion photos)
     b. Left click on this folder to open to sub folder (Engine Compartment)
     c. Left click on this folder to open to sub-sub folder (Engine cradle modifications).  Your engine photos of your cradle photos should be here to view.

Here is procedure to send your email and to test this until you are comfortable in doing it I want you to send emails to yourself with your photos.  Because you are on a phone modem you should not send more than 6-8 photos at a time.  When you are satisfied with your emailed photos to yourself then you can send to others with confidence.
(1) Write email with text you wish to include. In the heading do not put photo numbers etc.  Just some message like, (Photos of my Bus Conversion Center Page) for your magazine or something like that.
(2) Put in text you wish to have.
(3) At bottom of email select (“Attachments”)
(4) Go to the location of your photo or photos to be sent such as one we copied above.
     a. Locate (My Picture) files from your computer
     b. Locate file with photos to be sent, if more than one different file you have to do one file of photos at a time but can send them all in the same email.  Lets assume right now your photos to send are in one “Main” File but many (sub-sub files) in this Main File.
         i.   Select (Engine Cradle Compartment)  sub file
         ii.   Select (Engine Cradle Modifications) sub-sub file
         iii.   Locate and highlight the photo you want in this email
         iv.   If  you only want to use one photos click the word (“Open”) and this photo will be inserted in your email and the name of your photo or number of this photos will be visible on the bottom of your email.  If you want to send more than one photo from the same photo, then do as you did above and hold down on the (“Control”) key of your keyboard until all the photos you want to select are highlighted.  Then click (“Open”) and all these photos will go over to your email,  Remember, do only 6-8 photos now and send more emails to have them all get there but number the emails to again simplify everything for you and the receiver such as I will do with this instruction showing you how to do this.  NOTE: You can select one photo at a time to (“Open”) in the email if you wish, doing many at one time will make it quicker but speed right now should not be a priority for you to worry about.  Accuracy is!!
v.   If you have other photos from other folders to send in this email then you have to go to that folder individually to do the same procedure as you just did.  I hope you get this all clear now.

I hope this all helps you out.  I will discuss on the next lesson how to down load your photos in your camera, well, I will try to as all camera’s are different and so are the programs but if you can read the instructions from the camera manufacturer you will help me out and I will then try to show you how to move your photos from your camera into the folder of (“My Pictures”) section of your computer and not have them all over your desk top, My documents area etc.  You will have them exactly where you want them.

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Gary -

Excellent series of instructions.  Kudos for a job well done!


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