gmc 4106 tie rods

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im rebuilding the front end on thr 4106 i have and needs new tie rod ends. does anyone know were to purchase remans or new?  what price should i exspect to pay? finding parts has been the biggest draw back to me buying this bus ive tried us coach, deans, bus fixx.  i call they say they will call back. i also need some airbags and brake parts

Sam 4106:
Hi 4106-123,
Have you tried Mohawk, 800-323-7652? It speeds things up if you have part numbers, but they should be able to help without. I had great service from them and I thought their prices were very fair. For the air bags, unless you are replacing all of them, you will need to tell them if you currently have Good Year or Firestone bags, so they can ship the right ones.
Good luck, Sam Sperbeck

We found factory 4106 tie rod ends to be unavailable. However, I believe that there are direct crosses from other coaches and US Coach reported that they could furnish a truck replacement that would not be rebuildable. This would require replacing everything from one end to the other; tie rod ends and drag link.

I never bought one of those, so I suppose they could have run into some problem using the truck replacement in the coach.

For what it's worth.

Tom Caffrey

yes that is what the guy at deans coach said that you can not get the ends anymore. the ends screw on the outside of the pipe and most manufacturers use the ones that screw on to the inside like mci. he said that a mci 9 would work but that it needed more threads cut on the pipe so you could get the adjustment correct. maybe someone knows of a make and model with the correct lenght and uses the new style ends. surely with all these vintage coachs running around some one will know the answer or theres a whole lot of them running down the road with 7 inches of slop in the steering wheel!

Barn Owl:
Would NIMCO bus have something that would work?


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