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Author Topic: Holy Hockypucks, What a set of HOOTERS..  (Read 6419 times)
Busted Knuckle
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« Reply #30 on: February 23, 2008, 11:48:42 PM »

Yup, nothing like a long blast on the air horns through those WV tunnels at O'Dark:30 to keep everyone alert!

Direct drive to Florida for Spring Break, switch at Wytheville, so a little perkin' up at that point is required!

Back when I was trk'n I had a set of 4 trumpet train horns mounted hidden under the cat walk behind the sleeper. I used to drop my trailer at Coors in Boulder, CO and take a short cut over to Georgetown/Empire Easter Seals Handicamp  where my sis & BIL lived.(sis was camp cook) Well there was a loooonnngg narrow tunnel (several tunnels but the fun one was the long narrow one! LOL!) that I would turn of my head lights and use my spot light (mounted @ the top of the windshield post) to see, then I lay on the train horn. More than once I'd see cars on the other end of the tunnel disappear, only to find them sitting outside the tunnel as I came out looking at me funny while usually giving me the bird! LOL! Once I got pulled over just as I was about to my sister's house, and he kept asking me to blow my air horn. So I kept blowing the stock (whimpy) freightliner air horn, he kept looking, listening, and shaking his head. Then I heard him telling dispatch (or someone) over the radio "must be a different truck, ain't no way this one could be mistaken as a train!" When he let me go I laffed so hard I almost pee'd on myself! I was still laffing when I pulled in at the camp and gave a small toot toot, announcing my arrival (all the staff was used to the and would do the hand signal for them as I'd come in!) My BIL came out laffing and told me he'd just saved my butt, by calling his secretaries husband (the county sherriff) and telling them the trucker they had pulled over was his BIL. Wasn't long until the deputy, and the sheriff came by(@ the camp) and were laffing and asked me to show them the real train horns. I had a lotta fun with those horns, and I got cussed quite a few times over them too! I was really obnoxious with them when I found truckers (or anybody) pulled over and sleeping in unsafe places like exit ramps! Many times someone would get on the CB cussing "that damn chicken trk! LOL!" after I went by laying on those horns a few feet from them!
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