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Highway Yacht:
I just bought a used 24 ft. Prowler Travel Trailer today with plans of gutting it and installing alot of the "Workings" in my conversion. Now I won't have to go buy everything individually. Everything in the travel trailer works but it does not have a waste holding tank as the trailer was set up on a permanent site on a nearby lake and was plumbed directly into the campground sewer with PVC pipe. Right now I plan on using the freshwater tank, water pump, cabinets, countertop, sink, gas hot water heater, fold down eating table, inverter, fuse panel and breaker box, roof top air, 12v overhead lights, and the gas heater with wall mounted thermostat. How many of you have done this same thing and can you give me any tips and advise? The gas/12v Fridge works but I think I will opt to use a full size home fridge.

I would be surprised if a travel trailer at a permanent site would have an inverter.  It would be more likely to have a converter instead.

You'll probably find that the freshwater tank is 50 gallons or less.  It might fit your needs, but a lot of busnuts put in far larger freshwater tanks since we have the space if the bus is a highway coach.

I gutted a 73 Winnebago on my first conversion and am just completing stripping a 1995 travel trailer.  I reused the mechanicals, the kitchen counter (temporarily, just to get going for  this summer), the bathtub, black tank.  I also recycled all of the drain pvc.  The fresh plumbing was the old quest stuff that failed otherwise I would have recycled it too.  I'm putting the converter in my motorcycle trailer and have an inverter for the bus.  Window awnings may be the right length, definitely the patio awning.  Electrical outlets, lights, hinges and handles, porch light.  I am using the smallish fresh water tank for drinking water only, allowing me to use other water sources (river, stream, lake) for showers.  I pulled 2x2's for bunk bed structure and paneling for attaching my shower surround.  Speakers, stereo, wiring (that stuff's expensive now).  It's a great way to do it.  I always think "hey, I paid for it, I should find a way to use it".  I just bought a furnace and some other pieces from a trashed travel trailer too.  Good Luck!


I've always thought that would be a great way to get components but don't settle for the wimpy tanks out of a travel trailer.  We are sitting in a CG on the north side of Saskatoon waiting out the miserable weather that just won't quit.  The water isn't turned on here yet so everybody has to make water runs periodically.  Its a lot of fun watching our neighbours packing water in bottles or dragging their trailers up to the tap while we sit here happily working off our 120 gallons of storage.  The poor SOB next to me was up at 6:00 this AM changing propane bottles.  We've got 100 gallons of propane onboard but he obviously ran out over night and was having a cold morning.

I bought 100 gal tanks for freshwater and grey water.  I don't think I'll be filling 30 gal of black with my family in a week, which is my general length of stay at any given place. 


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