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Author Topic: Whew! Smokin' Hot! Can someone loan me $59,000 asap!  (Read 7233 times)
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« Reply #45 on: August 06, 2008, 06:04:03 AM »

 Made it back to MS and got a little rest and a real keyboard to type on.
   As everyone knows it was impossible to reash the seller by using the phones or any other means Sunday as his phone is turned off on that day. (found out later) So I decide to buy a 1 way ticket to go and check it out and when I land in Minneapolis I talk to my wife on the phone and she says that she did talk to the seller (returned my call) and that there is someone already there to take a look at bus in the morning and they have first choice.  She also mentioned that they were looking at trading in a 66 Corvette toward the bus.
  I find the dealership and 12:30 AM and take a peak at the bus through locked fenced in area.
 I check into the only hotel in town and lay there thinking what I could do to get first shot at it and decided to do a Buy IT Now on ebay to give me the first rights to purchase.  I also call the guy at 6 am as my wife said that is when he turns on the phone and mention to him that I had bought it on Ebay early that morning and would meet him there when he opened at 8:00am.
  I also knew that he liked Muscle cars from googling his number listed in the auction and found some hits on craiglist so I knew that he was possibly leaning toward trading with the other guy on the vette.
 So I made a proposal on the phone before we all met up to take a look at it.
 I proposed that he put off any agreements with the other buyer and that he could use the ebay contract to do this. I then said that if I bought it he could take some of the money and buy the car from the other guy direct without out any trades and possibly make a few thousand more if he could. I wanted to make sure that he did not just sell me down the river as I could not go through the expense of holding him to the ebay contract is he sold it to the other guy.
  He pauses and said to let him talk to his partner about the idea.
  I get there first and get the chance to crank it cold before the others get there and it did crank easy and there was a little tiny bit of white smoke exiting the exhaust.
From what I could tell the underneath looked ok as far as I could see since I did not see any metal "rot" just surface rust. The entire underside had been sprayed with urethane foam and most was not viewable. But what I could see was ok.
The inside was a little worse than the pics made it out to be, aren't they all?
   While I did not get the chance to check out every feature of the bus this is the things that I know were needing attention to:
1. Generator was blowing a steady stream of oily blowby out the bottom of the bus along with a 6 " diameter of oil sitting at the bottom of the generator. Can of starting fluid in the bay next to the generator. (they tried to get rid of it) Owner whispered to employee to turn off gen and when I heard this I asked to hear it crank again, now it was hot, and it would not crank. The owner said that the fuel level was keeping it off.
 I think that it needed to be replaced, the other buyers agreed.   
The bus air, while it seemed to be sucking in real well did not seem to be blowing out too much and it was not really very cool, could have been freon.
 A few little dings here and there as it looked ok although you could see where the painting was not top notch if you really examined it. 
 The tires had some cracking etc and may have needed to be replaced.
 I had made a offer of 46,500.00 cash (wire) and a ladies Rolex knowing that the others had been bumped by him to the car AND 5,000.00 cash. I thought that he would prefer my 46,500.00 to the vette and 5,000.00 cash.
He signaled to me, as the other buyers were present that he would take 50,000.00 I motioned that I would pass on it.
 He asked the others if they wanted to do the deal with the car and the 5,000.00 and they agreed.
 I mentioned that I would do the 50,000.00 without the Rolex and he said that he was working a deal with the others now at this time.
 Pretty straight forward deal.
 I got on the computer and got some airfare home, missed my initial flight, spent the next 5 hours on standby, spent the night in Minneapolis and then caught a flight to Atlanta at 7 am then waited in that airport till 5pm when I flew to Gulfport MS.
 I'm beating myself up pretty bad about not going ahead and getting it and I made the mistake of letting my wife know that I think I made a mistake not getting it and now she was on me a little too.
 But she sais that we should try the Eagle for a time to see if we even like traveling like this.
 I have a headache now, please excuse me.

Phil Webb
Pass Christian, MS

« Reply #46 on: August 06, 2008, 06:16:43 AM »

Phil Things happen for a reason! If your really looking for a great bus at a great price get with Bob on the second coach listed here! Its far better than the first one and needs nothing to tra vel or live in!
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