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Author Topic: fuel lately  (Read 13939 times)

« Reply #75 on: August 31, 2008, 12:05:36 PM »

Ahhh glad that's over, for now at least! The storms scared me into thinking fuel might go up since the local stop is steady at 4.07 so we aired up and took off!
Bus fired right up with no hesitation! This is from being sat for about 2 months. I owe that to my on-board charger/tender!
Got to the fuel stop and as I opened the fuel door, WATCH OUT! The BIGGEST hornets nest I ever saw was hanging right above the fill cap. Ok maybe not the biggest but big enough that I didn't want to start fueling. I quickly removed the nest with quick swipe of a putty knife and stepped on the remains.
Back to fueling...

Still fueling...

And still fueling.

Ahh it cuts off finally and I top it off!
I figure I might as well fill my generator tank too and it also too a while.
Bottom line...$695.00 and were full all the way and good to go!

Ahh what a relief it is, and this comes a day after we spent 3000.00 for a new bed!
Hey you can't take it with you!:)

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« Reply #76 on: August 31, 2008, 06:58:37 PM »

$3000!!!! for a bed.  that won't improve on the cushin you should be pushin which is already worth way more than the bed payment.

i'm not sure what this has to do with fuel, although thinking about beds and pushin cushins usually get my horse powered up.  Wink Grin Cheesy Cheesy

what happened to the babes, bluegrass and buses sig block?

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« Reply #77 on: August 31, 2008, 07:30:42 PM »

Tom, buying a new bed (at 3K) was a shock to me too but it stems from Susan having a sore back! Can't say exactly why until we gather at a late night chat,  but hers and mine have been hurting for a while now! It HAS to be old age for sure! Let me say too that this new fangled bed DOES feel really comfy compared to the old one! First night sleep was the best in a long long time! Have you priced beds lately? The one we HAD cost 700 bucks and now I feel like that was money wasted and THAT one is only 4 months old! By the way, the new bed came with 2 FREE (yea right) $99.00 pillows and a stuffed bear! I'll have to explain that the bear is a promotional thing and is stuffed with the same junk the bed is made out of! Go figure! Most expensive bear I ever bought! Heck it's the ONLY bear I ever bought now that I think about it!

Yea I know this has absolutely nothing to do with bussin but I thought the fuel prices were bad enough and not getting much better for the most part.  Filling up the bus was relatively easy after the day before when we bought the bed!

Oh well...

more cushion for the pushin and more ounce to the bounce but one things for sure, I got fuel! Smiley

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