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Author Topic: For All of You Wanting Slide Out Ideas!  (Read 5486 times)
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"The Mighty GMC"

« Reply #30 on: August 27, 2008, 05:44:29 PM »

Long story short?

Had someone over my house who is very involved in the high end sticks and staples repair business.

After looking over my bus and him commenting on how well they are built compared to S&S construction, we started talking about slideouts.

He stated that he has never seen one that didn't leak.  Some a little, some a lot, no matter what type of seal used.

As Niles said "Its a guaranteed leaker"



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« Reply #31 on: August 27, 2008, 05:56:23 PM »

Maybe leaks on a S&S I have had slides on my Blue Bird and Featherlite installed the 2 HWH on my Eagle and I have been in terrible rain storms lately no leaks any place with no dust or AC lost

« Reply #32 on: August 27, 2008, 06:05:40 PM »

I would think that a S&S would be more prone to leaks than a bus due to them flexing more!

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1965 MC-5a

« Reply #33 on: August 27, 2008, 06:29:10 PM »

I think the project looks fantastic even though it seems highly impractical.  It's nice to see what ideas someone can put into form.  However, pictures do not mean that it is really any good.  A movie set can look very convincing in a movie but be nothing more than a facade.  When I once had a job in mechanical design, one of the engineers said that anything that can be drawn can be built.  There were some contractors that took exception to that comment.  I do not know this particular man other than what has been said here, but there are lots of people that are expert at taking advantage of the kindness and trusting nature of others.  If such is his reputation, I would not believe this to be a truly functional machine unless it was carefully inspected.  Even if the work is first rate, I know I would be pretty unhappy to take delivery of it and find that it could not be registered in any state.

From past experience with criminals, I have found that they often go back to doing the same exact things they got busted for in the past.  In some cases, it is because they are just that foolish, but in others it is simply that they make enough money at it to more than cover being popped now and then.  Some would think that having to pay $250,000 back for every million they make is a reasonable business expense.  This is not uncommon in business.  I'm sure people have read of giant scams where the culprit collected tens of millions but was fined a couple of hundred thousand.

As far as who this board services, since I did not see any rules posted, I would guess that it is anyone that wants to be here.  BK, like Luke (who used to post sometimes), may not be into the actual conversion process.  However, there knowledge is essential to it.  What good is a gloriously converted bus that does not run?  This things are mechanically beyond the original skills of all but a few people.  Any advice on getting them going and keeping them going safely and affordably is more important to me than how to polish its wheels.

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« Reply #34 on: August 27, 2008, 07:24:17 PM »

I think it one of the uglyest buses Ive ever seen. Also you would think the new company would want to distance themselves from the Walker name, but there it is, and I thought the judge told him he could not be in the bus conversion business or sales after the trial.


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