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Bus Conversion Workshops

Learn To Do It Right - Learn To Do It Safe

Please note: At the rally there will be "Seminars". Those are 45-60 minute presentation sessions and a part of the rally & rally fee. The following are full or half-day training "Workshops" that are separate from the rally and are conducted the weeks before and after the rally.

Shocking Experience

Do certain aspects of your bus conversion project seem outside of your skill set? Do you wish you could do a particular project yourself, but you just don't know if you could do it right? Or perhaps you still plan to have a professional do the actual installation work, but you wish you were more confident in your knowledge of what options are available to best fit your needs. Maybe you already know the basics and just would like to pick up on some tips and tricks to help you get the best results.

That is what these workshops are all about. Instructors with expertise in their respective areas will share their knowledge with you so that you are better prepared to plan, build, remodel, or just feel more confident using your bus conversion.

Spouses can attend classes for half price. Or if there is sufficient interest, we will arrange other activities such as arts & crafts classes, day trips to check out historic sites, antiqueing expeditions, and/or other area attractions, like a shopping trip to the airline industry's famous Lost Baggage Store in Scottsboro, AL. (Note: Transportation or other expenses required for these additional activites are not included in the workshop prices.)

A self serve lunch buffett will be provided each day as will coffee and donuts in the morning. Other meals are not included in the workshop price, but we will likely organize outings to local restaurants for dinner.

There are several motels within a mile. And we have room for up to six dry camping buses or RV's (with access to fresh water/dump station). If there is enough interest to bring buses/RV's to stay in we can try to work out a discount with one of the nearby campgrounds.

To sign up for one or more of the workshop courses,
click here to download the workshop registration form.

Date/Time Course/Description Cost (Primary | Spouse)
Week One (Before the Rally)
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 8am-Noon Bus Care & Preventative Maintenance by Joel Hobbs $75 $35
Preventative maintenance is vital for a a bus. If it is kept up, a bus can be the most reliable and enduring vehicles you have ever owned. Neglect the PM and it can cost you time on the roadside, potentially thousands of dollars in repair bills, or worse, cause you to have a traffic accident.

Joel Hobbs has been a diesel bus mechanic for over 25 years. He will teach you about the Preventative Maintenance you can do yourself as well as which are best left to a professional.
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 1pm-5pm Waste Vegetable Oil For Fuel by Jerry Millwood $75 $35
If you have been thinking about using Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) for fueling your bus, you have likely heard a lot of differing and sometimes conflicting information. Jerry Millwood has done it himself and will share the knowledge he has gained through experience and study. He will guide you through the collection of it, filtering/processing, and the adaptations needed for your bus to use it effectively. He will also candidly share the pros & cons of WVO as he has come to know them.
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 8am-10am Bus Shopping 101 by Mike Sullivan & Joel Hobbs $40 $20
Bus shopping is a serious undertaking. Maybe you have wondered why it is that almost every bus for sale has had its engine recently rebuilt, get's 12mpg, is rust free, and has lots of tread left on its tires. There are "best practices" that will help you avoid pitfalls and potentially save you thousands of dollars worth of hard lessons.

Mike & Joel will give you insight into the mysteries that lurk within the dark recesses of an old bus. They will help you know what to look for and what to look out for with various bus brands.
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 10am-6pm
(with one-hour lunch break)
Safe & Skillful Bus Driving by James Steele $110 $55
Buses can be a pleasure to drive. But no matter how much you enjoy the feel, they don't handle like a minivan. Most buses are 30'-45' long and weigh up to 55,000 pounds. Air brakes and air throttles behave different than what you may be used to. Their wheel base is longer than the entire length of most vehicles you may have driven. One mistake and you can learn expensive or even horrifying lessons that can change your life forever, or end it, the hard way.

James Steele is a professional, CDL trained & licensed bus driver. The first couple hours will be classroom based. Then after lunch, James and the class will complete the pre-trip checklist on one of his MCI buses and load up to go out to a safe location to do hands-on driving and manuevering training.
Thursday, Oct. 13, 8am-5pm
(with one-hour lunch break)
Interior Insulation, Framing & Cabinetry by Eric Brown $150 $75
Eric Brown is a professional in the field of cabinetry and carpentry in general, and owns a residential & commercial cabinetry business in South Carolina. He is also the proud owner of a beautiful Silver Eagle bus conversion that he converted himself. (it was the Featured Bus in the January 2011 issue of BCM) In this all-day course, Eric will take you through:
  • Insulation - Preparing for & and the options available.
  • Planning the Layout - Practical considerations and best practices to ensure you get the layout right the first time.
  • Interior Framing - Building good sturdy walls, floors & ceilings, fitting the curves of the bus structure, accomodating the natural flexing of a bus, building with temperature expansion/contraction in mind, and a variety of other useful tips and tricks to help you get professional results.

    Portions of this course will be in the classroom, with demonstration props. Other parts of it will be hands-on show & tell in a variety of buses on-site ranging from stripped out shells to assorted stages and levels of conversion.
You can get the above coures individually, or all three days for:

A savings of $75-$110!
$375 $185
Week Two (After the Rally)
Tuesday - Wednesday,
Oct. 18-19, 8am-5pm
(with lunch break)
Electrical Systems by Sean Welsh $300
2-day Course
2-day Course
The electrical systems of the bus and house systems can easily be one of the most intimidating to people. It is also one of the areas where if something is done dangerously wrong, it can do the most harm. Some mistakes can lead to burning down your bus. Or it can create a situation where you, a loved one, or even just some guest touching the outside of your bus can receive a dangerous or even deadly electrical shock.

In this two-day course Sean will:
  • Help you better understand the do's and don'ts of RV/Bus electrical systems. Including the "whys" and "why nots."
  • Show you how to design your electrical system to be practical and safe.
  • Explain the various system components, the options available, and the pros/cons of them.
  • Demonstrate practical "best practice" techniques for various installation tasks and troubleshooting.
  • Show and tell examples in buses here at the shop
  • Have an extended Q&A session where he can answer your specific electrical system questions.
Thursday, Oct. 20, 8am-5pm
(with lunch break)
Plumbing Systems by Sean Welsh $150 $75
Plumbing systems dont present the dangers that electrical systems do, but they often inttimidate some folks. Not much else can disrupt a happy family vacation trip like sewage odors backing up into the bus. Or spoil a great boondocking adventure when you wake in the morning to find all 100 gallons of your fresh water is now watering the grass.

Like with the electrical course, Sean will:
  • Help you better understand the do's and don'ts of RV/Bus plumbing systems. Including the "whys" and "why nots."
  • Show you how to design your plumbing system to be practical, proficient, and secure.
  • Explain the various system components & fixtures, the options available, and the pros/cons of them.
  • Demonstrate practical "best practice" techniques for various installation tasks.
  • Show and tell examples in buses here at the shop.
Friday, Oct. 21, 8am-5pm
(with lunch break)
Basic Welding by Don Bowen & Jim Shepherd $150
+$50 for Consumables/Materials
Not Available
Basic welding skills can be a big asset to a bus nut. After all, that is one of the great things about buses, they are built largely of steel and other metals. But when something needs fixing or altering, if you don't know how to weld, it can get expensive in a hurry. Shops that will do on-site welding jobs often charge over $100 per hour for their service & a substantial charge for drive time. Or you might one day be on a vacation trip and something metal will break. If you have that handy dandy little MIG welder in your bay and the basic skills to use it, you can fix it quick and get back to enjoying the trip.

This course will include both classroom and hands-on basic skills training to safely & effectively do:
  • Arc Welding (a.k.a. stick welding)
  • Wirefed MIG Welding
  • Oxygen/Acetylene gas welding/cutting
Along with giving you an understanding of what types of projects each type is best suited for.
You can get the above coures individually, or all four days for:

A savings of $100-$140!
+$50 for Consumables/Materials
Does not include Welding Course
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